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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

What will happen this year?

feb 16 we are excited to announce the unveiling of the new skin, CASPIAN! :D
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Aurick Lavern

Academy Student

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Apr 15 2016, 09:32 AM

University pretty much gobbled up all my free time for the past so and so. But there's only one more week till I'm finished with everything! It's weird thinking that I'll be graduating soon; it feels like only the other day that I was a fresher. >_>

Apologies for not officially saying this sooner. I thought I could balance my time here with the workload, aha. You'll definitely see me around more once everything is over and done with~ o/
Feb 16 2016, 12:54 PM
You might've seen me pop up from time to time on the cbox as Mystraven, but I figured it was time to drop an official greet~ 8)

Suppose I should give a little bit about myself?

I can't remember how long ago exactly I started roleplaying, probably somewhere around the regions of seven or eight years now? It began with MMORPGs at first; I don't think I even knew forum based roleplay existed at the time until much later. And while I do miss that style of RP from time to time, I don't think it's something I can go back to unless some miraculous game company comes out of nowhere and manages to revive the superhero MMO genre~

I've been properly active on roleplay boards for roughly three or four years now, give or take, and I've only ever committed to two boards in that time. Making a character here was out of a lot of spontaneity for the RWBY hype I've been containing for the past couple of months, but hopefully I'll be here to stay too! c:

Thanks for having me, and I look forward to RPing with ya'll~! \o/
Feb 14 2016, 09:24 PM

<div id="bigbody"><div id="iconhere"><img width="100" height="100" src=""></div>
<div id="fullname">Aurick Lavern</div><div id="subtext">full name</div><br><br><br><br>
<div id="tab">
<div id="smalltext">
<div align=center><table><tr><td><div id="criteria">AGE.</div> <div id="here">eighteen</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">BIRTHDATE.</div> <div id="here">July 08</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">GENDER.</div> <div id="here">Male</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">OCCUPATION.</div> <div id="here">student, first year</div></td></tr></table></div>
<div id="criteriah">AURA.</div>
A brilliant tone of white, Aurick's aura frequently manifests itself with a warm, blooming glow indicative of his innately high reserves. His sunshine radiance has a tendency to imbue an unexplainable sense of security to those in close proximity, although how effective it was strongly depended on Aurick's state of mind at the time. In a similar manner, his aura also had an effect on animals and wildlife, often causing them to very quickly warm up to his presence even when they normally wouldn't with anyone else. It was easy to see how the potential of this aspect alone made Aurick a welcome person in any unpleasant situation.

Aurick's Semblance, nicknamed "Soar", allows him to essentially fly for short periods of time. Far from the essence of true flight however, its greatest drawback stems from the strenuousness of maintaining levitation for longer than a minute, especially one that involved traversing upward verticality. The physical stress he accumulates is somewhat similar to that of anaerobic exercise, which is capable of impeding his ability to move properly if he doesn't spend the adequate time to catch his second wind. Forgoing respite repeatedly will almost certainly end with the loss of consciousness and subsequent bodily exhaustion lasting over the course of multiple days.
To get the most bang for his buck, Aurick instead prefers to use his Semblance more creatively: by giving himself a quick boost at the start of a jump, he increases the distance he can cover in a single bound; by changing directions in midair through what could only be described as the "stepping stones" maneuver, he is still able to provide himself with an impressive degree of aerial flexibility at minimal self-expenditure. Even though the rapid succession of use can be just as laborious as a single instance of flight, it still proves to be much a more efficient use of his aura provided he doesn't need the stealth or speed advantage of the latter.
It should be noted that Aurick has a much easier time using his semblance when it came to descending from great heights: slowing a drop was much more intuitive than trying to force an acceleration.
<div id="criteriah">WEAPON.</div> Being his exclusive form of combat, Aurick has always shown remarkable talent when it comes to swordsmanship, and his penchant for observative and tactical play allowed him to better assess and adjust his approach to his opponents accordingly. In terms of raw statistics, Aurick is evaluated to be a considerably well-rounded fighter with no major strengths or glaring weaknesses, in spite of the fact that he lacked an actual ranged weapon. His sword, Acadica, which he designed himself during his time at Signal, was made to compliment his "jack-of-all-trades" profile.
The aesthetics of the sword is reflective of a wasp's stinger. The base of the steel is decorated in black while its decor and outer edge extruded a metallic gold; the pattern repeated itself along the one-sided winged curvature of the cross guard. At the very top of the grip are two separate triggers, both of which allow Acadica to transform between her three states:
  • Retract, a storage mode of sorts that allows for a more convenient form for transportation. The blade simply layers into itself and draws back towards the cross guard. Usually carried on the hip. <br>
  • Extend, where the blade expands outwards in a piercing motion, taking on a form resembling a claymore around 70cm in blade length.
  • Overextend, its most expanded form that closer resembles a Japanese ōdachi blade due to its new length of 130cm. It is most effective when facing larger (groups of) enemies but, because of its limited handling space on the ground, Aurick mostly switched to this form for its initial burst extension.
There is also a third trigger on the back side of the grip operable with the thumb. This ignites the Dust located inside the ornament on the guard and causes the blade to be sheathed in a thin current of air. Its main purpose lies in its ability to launch waves of pressurized wind through the medium of slashing motions, the power and size behind them being in proportion to the power of the swing. Whilst typically having enough flair to cut through most objects up close, the potency of the attack rapidly decayed over the distance it is made to travel. Although they can still inflict a fair degree of damage over long-range engagements, it really didn't have the most ideal performance.
<div id="tab">PERSONAL PROFILE</div>
<div id="smalltext">
<div id="criteriah">APPEARANCE.</div>
Despite sitting just below the average height count for his age group, Aurick boasted an impressively toned and sinewy build that was suitably apt of a young athlete; a body earned and maintained out of necessity. But you could almost never tell given the layers of formal clothing he usually wore over his thin frame, of which consisted mostly of blacks. Aurick's body was also house to a few scars he had picked up over the years as a result of the sparring sessions he had with his mother, and he took to wearing them proudly as a testament to his efforts.
Aurick's set of turquoise eyes have a standard of exhibiting a powerful sense of confidence, and they did wonders in complimenting the rest of his finely maturing features when they weren't obstructed by his fringe.
The blond hair he was so proud of was regularly styled in a fair and layered manner, and while there was plenty of room to do more, Aurick made it a point to forgo the use of any hair products outside of shampoo & conditioners; it was probably the secret to how he got his hair to appear so shiny and silky. And people sometimes couldn't help but wonder if his hair was as soft to the touch as it teased itself to be.
<div id="criteriah">PERSONALITY.</div>
Given the way he looked and the dignified way he held himself, it was a little too easy to expect Aurick to be the arrogant type. But it was in fact the opposite that held true; Aurick was a very professional, humble and collected individual, sometimes better known among his peers as "the most likely candidate for the teacher's pet award"—a sentiment made with the nicest of intentions. He treated his classmates equally and respectfully, provided they shared his good nature, and his strong moral compass made him a difficult person not to like.
As his adopted family are all Faunus, it is of no surprise that Aurick grew up being overprotective of their kind; showing any kind of discriminatory treatment towards a Faunus was the fastest way to get on his bad side. But Aurick wasn't so lacking in self-control that he would open on the perpetrator(s) with aggression, as much as he might have liked to. He has come to believe that these circumstances were best approached with a pacifistic frame of mind, even if that meant enduring some pain and humiliation himself. Based on his past experiences, raising a hand in the face of provocation only served to make matters worse for everyone involved.
Needless to say, he wasn't exactly approving or supportive of the White Fang's extreme methods in their fight for "equality", no matter how much sympathy he might have harbored for the Faunus.
Aurick's selfless and righteous attitude was largely due to the teachings of his mother who he idolized as a Huntress. She was also part of the reason that Aurick came to develop the serious demeanor he holds himself towards when faced with the Creatures of Grimm—or any life and death situation. He becomes strangely serene in character, shown by his lack of expression and his candid way with words, and it wasn't unusual for Aurick to remain this way until he could be sure that the encounter was over.
Whilst often praised for his quick and level-headed thinking, there are instances where it ends up hindering his ability as a team leader. Aurick's greatest flaw was his reluctance to take risks at the detriment of his friends: if he concludes that the chances of victory are less than favorable, he would sooner have his comrades withdraw from battle and fight by himself before he gambled their lives away. Not only was it a contradictory way of thinking but it was also an unreasonable display of selfishness, because he ultimately knew that victory and defeat could never be a statistical certainty in the first place. But unfortunately, Aurick's stubborn trepidation wasn't something so easily quelled by optimism alone.
<div id="criteriah">HISTORY.</div>
Aurick was born in a small village outside the kingdoms of Remnant. Although he was far too young to remember much about his life at the time, he holds a particular memory in the far reaches of his mind that takes place during the abnormal Grimm attack that resulted in the village being destroyed. He can recall two featureless silhouettes—who he identifies as his parents—throwing themselves at a Creature of Grimm in a desperate attempt to save their son, only instead to be torn apart before him like sheets of red paper.
He wasn't able to comprehend the situation that was unfolding back then, but it was quite clear that, were it not for the Huntress that appeared thereafter, Aurick would most certainly have been met with a similar fate.

Blaming herself for not being able to save the village, the Huntress subsequently felt that the toddler was now her responsibility to shoulder in lieu of the family he had unknowingly lost. She took him with her back to Vale where he was officially adopted and raised in a Faunus household, which mainly consisted of the Huntress, her civilian husband and their own daughter of similar age. Funny enough, it never really occurred to Aurick as he grew up to question why he wasn't a Faunus like the rest of his family. And so he continued to remain ignorant of the history behind his adoption, until a few years down the line when he began to have intermittent flashbacks to the night his village was attacked.
He was surprisingly accepting of it all after being sat down and having the truth explained to him in detail, much to the relief of his mother. If anything, Aurick was more upset at the fact that he couldn't remember the faces or learn the names of his biological parents whom had sacrificed themselves for him, and being the sole survivor of the incident meant that he would probably never get the chance to.
Aside from having gained some peace of mind, learning about where he had come from inadvertently helped Aurick to find his own purpose for becoming a Huntsman, beyond the sake of just following in his parent's footsteps. His new sense of resolve even drove him to dedicate numerous hours a day to both his studies and his training, which was topped off by the occasional but unforgiving disciplinary assistance of his mother whenever she happened to be at home. And he would adamantly stick with this demanding routine all the way through his years at Signal Academy.

Strong, intelligent, and a little bit of a show-off, Aurick was quite popular in his earlier days at Signal. The other kids saw him as the cool, big brother type—a rather fitting description in many ways—but the stardom Aurick soaked up from all the attention eventually found its way to his head.
The joy of being in the spotlight combined with the overwhelming confidence he had in his own abilities inevitably made him unfit to work as part of a team. The idea of coordinating with others wasn't something Aurick was familiar with since all he had trained for up to this point was how to fight by himself, and he didn't understand that no amount of individual talent could ever make up for the lack of team synergy. As a result, Aurick increasingly became involved in a number of "disagreements" in and outside of the classroom, which quickly grew so problematic that, between the teachers and his parents, the school agreed to have him take some time out so that he might sort through his issues and mellow some.
And after arduous amounts of effort, with the much needed assistance of his family, he did: Aurick was forced to temporarily set aside his solo training regime in favor of team sessions, where he and his sister would coordinate against their uncle—a Huntsman whom their mother dragged over—in various kinds of battle exercises. It wasn't quite the same as working in a standard group of four, but it was a fundamental step that would also serve to reveal Aurick's aptitude as a strategist, and as a leader.

By the time Aurick returned to Signal in the following year, he was virtually a different person altogether. No longer interested in being in the limelight and much more reserved as a whole, he demonstrated a pleasant level of maturity previously unseen whilst still having retained the better of his traits. He was even regularly found to be putting his smarts to good work by tutoring his classmates in his spare time; all things considered, his transformation was almost a scary thing to have witnessed.
The rest of his time at Signal progressed as smoothly as one would expect of the new Aurick, and before he knew it himself he had already cleared the entry exams and was setting sail for Beacon Academy. He didn't know what to expect given how tight-lipped his mother was on the subject, but he could at least be certain of one thing: he was looking forward to all that was to come his way.
<div id="criteriah">TRIVIA.</div>
— His first name has two possible meanings: Aurick is a Germamic name meaning "protecting ruler" or "noble leader". Auric on the other hand refers to something that relates to or contains gold.<br>
— The name Lavern is French for "woodland".<br>
Acadica is a reference to the "Vespula Acadica" or the "Forest Yellowjacket" Wasp.<br>
— His official day and month of birth is actually just the day that he was found in the forest. His actual date of birth is unknown. <br>
— Similarly, his current name was given to him by his adopted parents. The name he was born with also remains unknown. <br>
— Is pretty terrible with computers, especially ones with holographic interfaces.<br>
— Although a relatively minor case, Aurick suffers from claustrophobia.<br>
— Is partially ambidextrous, with his right arm being the naturally dominant side.<br>
— Declined an offer to be accepted into Beacon early because he didn't want the special treatment. He also felt as though he would be cheating.<br>
— Enjoys reading detective novels. <br>
— Has quite a strong domestic instinct and often tidies his team's room. He noticeably tries not to touch anything that didn't belong to him if he could help it. <br>
— Despite being Pro-Faunus, he avoids openly participating in protests on the basis that his presence there as a human could potentially do more bad than good.<br>
— Is a good cook thanks to his father, but he has more fun playing the assistant where he can. Also has a maaaajor sweet tooth! <br>
— Is one helluva dancer~ <br>
— Doesn't really like being in water, but he can swim if he ever has to. <br>
— His hands feel rather rough because of the numerous callouses that have resulted from his training as a swordsman. <br>
— His favourite pastime is to go stargazing.<br>
— Makes the effort to go on a morning jog when he can; leg strength and endurance was especially important for a close-range fighter.
<div id="tab">OUT OF CHARACTER</div>
<div id="smalltext">
<div id="criteriah">ALIAS.</div> Mystraven
<div id="criteriah">FACE CLAIM.</div> Fate Series - Archetype Saber
<div id="criteriah">INSPIRATION.</div> Literally just the RWBY series itself, aha. I started off by looking into the Colour Naming Rule guideline that Monty revealed for naming fan-created original characters, and then spent an agonizing amount of time researching possible names that I liked and weren't too obvious or popular a choice. Once I had my names locked down I worked the rest of the concept from there: using the meaning them as the core fundamentals in the thinking process, my mind eventually made a connection with the wasp/bee/hornet sorts. That alone paved way for the decision to have Aurick's fighting style be sword-based, in reference to a stinger, as well as for his semblance to be in some way related to flight. You can see how it pretty much writes itself, eh? Otherwise, the history and personality sections were just something I rolled up with independently~
<div id="criteriah">ANYTHING ELSE.</div> I was initially trying to roll Aurick for Atlas as to balance the numbers some, but I honestly just couldn't envision his concept fitting in with the tech-heavy Kingdom no matter how much I tried to compromise. Sorry! ; u ;
(Hope you don't mind me adding in the Trivia section too!)
<br><b>Referred by:</b> N/A.<br></td></tr></table><br><br>

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