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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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 Rozowy Keloid, Ph.D
Rozowy Keloid
 Posted: Feb 18 2016, 10:51 PM
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Rozowy Keloid, Ph.D
full name

Twenty Seven
May Fifth
PhD Candidate

Just as his frequent moments of tenderness imply something warmer lying behind the harried husk that he puts up with others, Roz’s Aura betrays his truest nature in its color and atmosphere. While it is rarely perceived visually—whether by Roz falling short of the power his rank implies, or a constant obsequious restraint—Roz’s aura manifests itself as a misty veil of baseline tannish pink, not unlike the color of a fair person’s flesh. In his case in particular, whenever his Aura is on fully display, the halo created by it makes it seem as he is visually being perceived as an off focused camera. This naturally bellies the awe inspiring factor the young doctor values, so he tends to save it for when it is most needed. In terms of influence, Roz’s Aura is surprisingly focused, simultaneously calming and invigorating in its energy. The individual aspect of his Aura lends itself directly into the application of his Semblance.

Roz’s Semblance is dubbed ‘Alliance’. In an uncharacteristically curt description, he usually explains it as such—“Everybody needs a friend.” Indeed, the Semblance is actually equal part summoning and conjuring. By focusing his efforts, Roz is able to summon up the memory of an ally, comrade, or friend, allowing him to bring them into existence in a tangible golem of aura to assist him in battle. While the conditions for whom he can ‘summon’ are unclear, the doctor self-admittedly puts for the idea that he personally must have “some affection for whom inspires the apparition ”. These apparitions tend to not be so much under his control as much as act in ways that tend to benefit Roz. Commands are usually taken as little more than requests by these creations, though the level of camaraderie between Roz and the inspiring individual tends to influence how well he can cajole them into the desired acts. As a rule they manifest as identical to their inspiration in size and form, save for being composed of aura and being the same fleshy pink as his aura, allowing for different shades of which to substitute for colors. These creations don’t tend to speak, and are considerably less durable, on average, than their base. The major drawback to this Semblance is the toll it takes on Roz. While the conjuring is nearly effortless, thanks to his years of experience, in practice, the damage and destruction they take on is felt by Roz himself as well. This can be as simple as a strike to his ally’s arm causing some soreness in the corresponding area on his body, to momentary loss of vision and blackouts with the decapitation of one. While he can dismiss his allies willingly at no personal cost, the forced dispatch causes him a considerable degree of pain and dips into his Aura reserves.

In terms of offense coming directly from Roz himself, and which he tends to rely on more frequently, his go-to is the use of a surgical implant system he calls SYSTEMA PSUEDO VENA. He uses it in conjunction with Dust in the modern, but not always safer, application of the archaic practice of ingesting Dust directly into the body for combat purposes. What started out as a research prompt and mild curiosity culminated in Roz taking the extra step to use himself as a guinea pig for this experiment. The prompt was such—was there a way for a human being to use Dust directly from their body without incurring the mal effects and risks that come of the intimate usage. Roz experimented with different forms of Dust and placing it into his body, not all of them completely sounds, and more than a few mishaps that lead to two consecutive semesters of social probation, but he eventually discovered that an intravenous application for powder dust was the most potent. Injecting it directly into the vein was madness, and while it would theoretically increase combat capabilities, the boon would be sadly temporary… much like the recipient’s lifespan. Thus the Systema Psuedo Vena, or SPV, was created. Using the same elastic, sterile tubing used for wound drainage, Roz implanted a network of this flexible ‘piping’ through his upper body. Roughly following the pattern of his arteries, he has two tubes going through each arm, with a network passing along the walls of his torso, weaving around his organs just below the uppermost layers of skin and fat.

The external part of the system is held in a small collapsible case, small enough to rival his wallet in his back pocket (while, sadly, being consistently more valuable on any given day). The case opens and expands to about seven inches squared, revealing its contents. In cushioned dents there are vials of concentrated Dust, synthesized into a form easy to place into the oversized needles on either side of the case. These syringes are equipped with the separate vials, allowing Roz to inject himself, piercing through his skin and into his artificial veins in order to power his attacks. A set of retracting cables double as reinforced intravenous agents should he need a more measured application. Contained within are also a small set of scissors and scalpels. Incidentally, this case has a pocket to hold his Scroll, which also allows him to keep track of his Aura and Dust levels. In its unused state, he tends to have it out whenever he has his Scroll on hand, and usually begins on the defensive, using its sturdiness along with his skill to parry and batter away attacks with the case acting as a palm sized shield of sorts.

BONUS: As a researcher, Roz does his best to be prepared for moments and opportunities of discovery. As such, he tends to have a variety of surgical supplies on hand for performing operations, or, less preemptively, autopsies. He also has a decent amount of forensic paraphernalia to glean information to questions of the non-biomedical nature. Curiously he tends to forego latex gloves until completely necessary, and has a bad habit at using his current implement to gesture forcefully, regardless of how sharp the end of it may be.



If it weren’t for the fuzz of poorly maintained facial splashing around his chin and cheeks, Rozowy Keloid would have a much more difficult time trying to assert himself with the grim, clinical impression he thinks himself to have. While on the clock or in moments that he feels the need to be taken seriously, Roz tends to stand up firmly, chest out, and, if possible, stroking his chin pensively—as an academic should. He’s an average height for a grown man, at 5’11”, and has a body frame that lends itself to hiding the physique that actually makes most of his feats on the battlefield possible. He’s bulky and strong underneath his dress shirts, most evident in the toned thickness of his fore arms once he rolls his sleeves up. While he’s a solid individual all over, he is certainly top heavy in the sense that his upper body is much more developed. Despite looking like a dork, he is more than capable of effortlessly maneuvering with his arms, performing handstands and pull-ups with ease. The resulting strength lends itself to a heavy pectoral area and shoulders easily able to tackle down doors.

Roz’s face is rounded and boyish, usually carrying an expression of exaggerated engagement with whatever has caught his interest at the moment. Thick eyebrows bring attention to the eyes behind the lens, and unlock others donning spectacles, Roz has never really mastered the ability to pull the opaque lenses of intimidation. Instead, his large blue eyes are deceptively receptive, and it’s easy to see if he is listening you completely. He’s extremely expressive, and keeping track of his face allows one to easily gauge the wheels in his mind, as he’ll freely go through many expressions within seconds. In truth, the doctor has no poker face at all, his cheeks flushing, lips tightening, and eyebrows furrowing if he ever has to lie or deceive someone. His hair tends to be gently styled, and its texture makes it easier to sweep into something semi-presentable on the way out the door, as that is the extent to which Roz pays attention to his appearance.

In terms of clothing, Roz tends to wear dress shirts, slacks, and shoes of varying grayish and white tones. Keeping up the appearance of professionalism has worn on him, though, and it’s not odd to see him donning a pair of sneakers, or jeans. He has an affinity for the color pink, but his pride makes him refuse to wear it very often, despite it being his namesake. If he does come in the morning with a tie, it’s most likely loosened by lunchtime, if not completely undone, and definitely discarded by the mid afternoon.


Cool. Collected. Clinical. These are all words. Words Rozowy Keloid likes to pretend describe him, but they could not be further from representing the young academic. While he does try his best to be horrible, his first week of classes constantly being an effort to come across as no nonsense, strict, and impenetrable, Roz is very much a man run by his emotions. He’s not so much prone to hysterics and overreactions, but that is mostly due to the fact that he is constantly riding the high of life, operating on a mania due to his limitless levels of enthusiasm for the world around him. Roz is very much capable to thinking of multiple things at once, and while he makes an admirable worker when putting himself to a task, it is safe to say that he runs on many different channels. This manifests itself as him coming hours later to someone, seamlessly continuing a conversation from earlier in the day. He has a hard time forgetting things that he finds intriguing or worth following up on. At his best, this makes him very considerate and able to seek out answers to even the smallest question. At his worst, he becomes ridiculously stubborn about understanding or experiencing something, or dragging up the past when least appropriate. In practice, he is not exactly socially intelligent, suffering from levels of awkwardness and assertion.

It is enthusiasm, not introversion, what causes many of his faux pas. Unless he catches himself, Roz becomes very intimate and attached to people around him, treating strangers as good friends within minutes of meeting him. Unchecked, its often that those that call themselves Roz’s friends usually don’t remember ever not being friendly with him. His persistently good nature and consideration tends to help him make friends very easily. Curiously enough, his focus on his work tends be what keeps him from forming deeper and more intimate relationships. As for a dating life, he is very awkward when approaching someone with that intention, and tends to place it aside. He hasn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend since a brief stint back in the early years of undergrad, and he hasn’t really sought out anyone to share that with since then. When it’s put in his face or pointed out, he tends to become embarrassed, seeing himself as a bit of a Christmas Cake in that sense—far too late to really join the game.

He develops connections with other beings easily, latching onto small commons and nuances with his students, coworkers and supervisors alike. Animals are easy for him to understand, and he has a great affinity for anything non-human and benevolent. Habitually he focuses his attention on people’s pets, treating them with the same consideration as he does a fellow human. Indeed, many of his conversations with someone having a non-human companion tend to go in all directions. He freely speaks to those who can’t share his language, or even his cognitive level (which, honestly, there are many humans as well who can’t keep up). Catching Roz having conversations with alley cats in the morning is a frequent occurrence, and many of the reasons his performance reviews tend to have exasperated reminders of timeliness.

Interestingly enough, his camaraderie for all life extends itself to Grimm. While he has an interest in Dust, and a cursory appreciation for the applications of Aura within human and Faunus, it is Grimm that are of most importance to Roz and his research. He’s invested in the strange creatures to the point of infatuation. Repeatedly, he has expressed the notion that certain Grimm, Ursa in particular, are ‘cute’ and how much he wishes to keep one for his own. All the mysteries of Grimm—their physiology, their hatred for humanity, and their very existence—only serve to give Roz more reason to be intensely fascinated with them. The fact that they are so difficult to track down and capture, and altogether nearly impossible to keep captive, is a source of frustration. It doesn’t help that his positive love for the creatures actually tends to have the opposite effect of drawing Grimm towards him. True that the creatures have an attraction for negative emotion, but positivity hasn’t been the best of deterrents, but Grimm tend to leave Roz alone. Roz won’t admit it, but it is entirely possible that Grimm simply find his very existence annoying, with his constant prodding and over enthusiastic question. What drives most to attack him is not so much their natural rage, as it is swatting at a particularly obnoxious fly.

All in all, Roz is easy to get along with, not that easy to slow down, and slightly more difficult to build an intensive relationship with than the average person. Strike his interest, however, and his receptive nature will make it easy to develop a great friend and ally.


Roz Keloid was born in the city of Vale, the only child of an older couple who owned a small bakery on the outskirts of the market street. His parents had put off having children until their middle ages, content with life as it was, and upon attempting to have a child, met with some difficulty. Roz’s conception and birth was a blessing, and he grew up feeling more than appreciated by his parents. For his part, he was a pretty simple child to get along with. He studied for his lessons, did his chores, and showed so much affection to his parents that it was difficult to scold him on the rare occasion he did wrong.

Roz’s intelligence was discovered early on in his schooling, and at the urging of his teachers, his parents enrolled him in extra classes, accelerating him through the years. Roz found memorization easy, and coasted through his classes without issue. Instead of being enrolled in a combat school, he was placed in a technical school for those on the pre-engineering track. It seemed he was set on the path towards the sciences, to help humanity by increasing their technology to make life safer and more comfortable. It was around this time, in his early teens, that he started to show an interest in the biological sciences, in particular becoming very obsessed with the combat aspects of the body. While this was worrying for his mentors and parents, he still seemed to be on the path of good, until his last year of school.

Roz suddenly threw himself in several extracurricular classes that were physically orientated, and actually started attending the gym with a disciplined schedule. For every hour he spent in the library studying, he spent another doing some sort of physical activity. Welcoming the new attention to his health, his parent’s didn’t think twice about this, until he announced to them why he was trying to get stronger. Roz wanted to attend one of the academies, in particular Atlas Academy. This did not go over well with his parents, who tried their best to convince him otherwise, even to the point of uncharacteristic levels of stern forbidding. Roz shrugged them off, and was accepted to Altas Academy.

As a student, Roz never really excelled in the combat aspect of his studies as much as he did in the academics. He acted as the back up to his team leader, usually operating as the brains of the group. It was in one of his first missions that he found something he couldn’t immediately get an answer too. On a mission with a professor escorting them, Roz was separated from his team and attacked by a horde of thankfully diminutive Death Stalkers. Rather than aim to destroy the creatures, Roz tried something new. He attempted to pacify the trio of creatures, and possibly tame them. So moving gently towards them, hands outstretched and his weapon sheathed, he tried to befriend the Grimm. This worked as well as could be expected, and he was met with a stinger swung to the head for his efforts.

Thankfully he survived, but something in Roz was lit, and he started to focus even more in his Grimmm Studies class. While he was generally capable in most academic subjects (he did have a frustrating semester where he got A B- in history), he started to put in much more work in this course. This interest began to magnify itself to the point where it was all consuming, and when he started taking pictures of Grimm instead of attacking them on sight, and he started his collage of ‘Cute Grimm’ over his desk, people started to become a bit concerned. He started getting known as that strange kid that tried to hatch a Nevermore (a claim he resents, since ‘there’s very little evidence that Nevermore even lay eggs, despite their avian composition’).

Upon graduation, Roz was given a variety of opportunities, offers to work in a variety of Atlas Military Divisions as a researcher—in particular the Schnee Dust Company extended him a research grant offer. Roz surprised everyone by denying them all and moving back home to Vale. He had his own thing set up.

He became a part-time instructor on the island of Patch at Signal Academy. Dividing himself between teaching and living in the basement of his parent’s bakery, he poured himself into studies. He became a chronic traveller, saving up to go to different places at every break, seeking out something in the different outreaches beyond the walls of the four kingdoms.

It was around this time that he made friends with another vagabond—a scruffy individual known as Hayner Splint. The two men were the same age, equally aimless, but where Roz was bookish and measured, Hayner was very much the freer spirit. Hayner showed Roz alternative, and oftentimes not completely safe or legal methods of travelling and seeking out adventure. The huntsman acted as his protector, and his love of a challenge actually worked well with Roz’s constant desire to prolong battles or even spare the Grimm. The two became pretty attached to another, sharing a commonality in being a bit off beat to expectations. Hayner meshed well with Roz’s style, and he often let the scientist make most of the conversation, chiming in here and there to keep him grounded. During their travels they shared quite a lot with each other—their histories, their dreams, and their convictions. Roz had had a partner when he was a student, and many friends, but Hayner occupied a very specific place in his heart, stirring up a level of attachment he hadn’t felt with anyone before.

It was during one of their reprieves at Vale that Roz and Hayner had a serious talk, one brought about by a drunken binge in the rooftop flat Hayner called his base. After being friends for so long, Hayner directly asked Roz to be his partner, pointedly using the term to imply the most. On his part, of course Roz cleared things up, nervously asking if he really wanted to be ‘together’ or actually ‘together’. Thus, Roz had his first romantic relationship with his boyfriend Hayner. The word itself was exciting enough, and he was elated to go around introducing themselves, and all the silly little things. Suddenly the full extent of his affections were actually possible—where someone else would be put off, he was now in a relationship where it was perfectly fine to throw all his love into someone. Hayner, forever in his most laid-back manner, just let Roz do his thing, scuffing his hair with every display. Things were not so good for too long.

It was during one of their trips, where they were in the deserts of Vacuo, exploring some of the outskirt villages on Hayner’s behest. They bunked with several Faunus communities, and all seemed well. One night, a large King Taijitu erupted out of the sands, intent on causing the destruction of the small encampment. Roz and Hayner gladly joined the efforts to defend against the beast, and at one point, Roz used his semblance to summon a copy of Hayner to assist. While it was common for him to fight alongside his boyfriend, Roz rarely used his semblance. In short order, the summoned Hayner was dispatched, and Roz found himself the center of attention of the giant serpentine creature, which circled around him in a sand pit, isolating him from the other fighters.

It was unclear whether it was toying with him or trying to examine him, but it didn’t attack right away, affording Roz the chance to attack. Roz summoned up copies of Grimm, smaller but outnumbering, and the two sides entered combat with each other. His reserves of energy desperately low, Roz fainted, but not before seeing his creations land a final blow, and awoke in the tents the next morning.

Hayner, usually direct, seemed distant, and it wasn’t until the trip back to Vale that he asked Roz directly—“Why was his summon of Grimm so much stronger than me?” Roz didn’t have an answer for once.

A few weeks later, Roz received his acceptance to a doctorate program in Atlas, to work towards his Ph.D in Dust Studies. Excitedly, Roz began to set up plans to move back to Atlas, seeking out the one-bedroom apartments for him and Hayner. Hayner, however, gave him the news that he’d be going off on his own from here on—he was taking on missions, putting his title of Huntsman to actual use, and his first mission was taking him back to Vacuo.

Hayner helped Roz get his things on the airship, and the two bid an uncharacteristically stiff farewell to one another. Hayner’s hand lingered on Roz’s for a moment, but there was no response from the other, who briskly walked into the airship, not looking back. Watching the skies as he flew to Atlas, Roz felt an intense melancholy that he was not accustomed to, as if all his energy and enthusiasm was being blanketed down and smothered, leaving nothing but a listless apathy. Tears never really came, until he spent that first night in his apartment, laying on a cot amidst his textbooks and syllabi. The next morning, furious with Hayner and with himself, Roz told himself he’d never let someone make him feel that way again.

Hayner’s letters came regularly, but Roz never really answered them on time. He was clinical in his responses, scripted. The letters became less frequent, and more and more of Roz’s writing were for his dissertation rather than his responses. The last letter Roz sent was telling Hayner of his successful defense, and inviting him to his graduation ceremony.

The day of, Hayner never arrived. Roz never heard from him again.

Rozowy found himself, much like before, receiving a variety of offers to put in practice his knowledge and expertise. And just like before, he rejected them all for his own thing. He packed his bags, selling the majority of his belongings, and steps onto the first airship going out. After all, there was an entire world he had to learn about, and so much to study.


Pacific Rim, Newt Geizsler as Rozowy Keloid
I’ve always been curious about why so few people in the series are interested in getting to the fundamental basis of what Grimm actually are. Roz was created out of the desire to see a happy engaged academic, but also one that’s an absolute weirdo. He definitely fits into the obsessive weirdo scholar archetype. My hope is to explore different forms of love with him. His name fits the Color Naming Rule with Rozowy being rose-colored in polish, and Keloid referring to scar tissue, which varies but is always flesh colored.
Getting back into roleplaying after a hiatus. Been at this for a good while now, and doing this is a nice connection back to my easier times, to be honest. RWBY is a fun series to play sandbox in, and the site seems laidback enough to stick around in. I’m exceedingly receptive-comes with my job—so don’t hesitate to talk to me about anything!

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Had you been around for it, you might recall me once commenting on a "list" I tend to keep of characters I really enjoy - be it due to their apps, or how they are played in the RP. Roz is certainly on that list. The Aura/Semblance section was remarkably well done, and I like how his relationship with the inspiration for his Aura golems plays into how well they work for him. His weapon is, by far, one of the most thought out I've seen on-site to date, so certainly give yourself a pat on the back there.

All in all, excellent character and I look forward to seeing him in the role play!

(On a random side note, I loved Newt in Pacific Rim, so I'll probably end up reading Roz's posts in Charlie Day's voice) So now what?

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