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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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 Wildfire Blaze, Hutress-turned-android.
Wildfire Blaze
 Posted: May 19 2016, 07:19 AM
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Wildfire Blaze
full name

Twenty Five
6th April
Huntress/Mercenary for hire
Being an android, she doesn't really have an aura or semblance to speak of. Instead, she utilises energy shields to protect her from damage. They function like an aura does and she needs to rest to let the shields return to full strength. When they are hit, they flare up, the colour of them being orange.
Her weapon is a modified fully automatic gun, that utilises a wooden stock found on shotguns and old rifles, instead of the regular handle and stock. It uses a 100-round double-drum magazine that holds bullets infused with electricity dust to immobilise machinery and other people.

BONUS: She has a car that looks like this: [link]. It has a small amount of armour plating in the body panels to protect her while driving it. Its electric motors produce the equivelant of 750bhp and 935lb-ft of torque, with a 0-60mph time of 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 180mph. Without the armour plating, it could theoretically reach over 200mph.


Wildfire has a build bordering between athletic and toned, and voluptuous. Her hair is coloured orange and black, with the style being spiky and cut to her neck, with a long fringe that falls down to the right of her face. Her eyes are a deep purple with camera lenses instead of pupils to signify her status as an android, though they would be indestinguishable when compared to regular pupils, unless someone was to look close enough. Her facial features are soft enough to be identified as female, though they have a hint of sharpness to them.

When out and about, both on missions and just regularly walking around, she can be seen wearing a plain white short sleeved crop top, a black sleeveless leather jacket cropped to the same length as her top, a pair of white short-shorts and a pair of knee-high black leather boots. She may also have a pair of aviator goggles on her head with orange polarised lenses and a black leathet strap.

Wild is an android that wants to achieve perfection and to become greater than humans. She will observe her own fighting style and skills and suggest improvements to herself that would make her a much better fighter.

Aside from that, Wild is quite a calm and collected girl, resolving anything using logic. She doesn't really have a temper, but if she does, she just doesn't outwardly show any anger, the same with all other extreme emotions. She doesn't really have time for emotions as she believes they would impeed her progress to becoming the ultimate fighter.

During her childhood she always wanted to become a huntress, thoughher parents would not let her due to them seeing the job as too dangerous. "Maybe in the future." Is what they would always say to the young girl.

She finally got her dream to come true as when she was of age, her parents allowed her to join one of the junior training schools, like Signal. During that time, she discovered that she was a wizz with engineering and electronics, as well as finding out that she would make a fantastic huntress.

After finishing at the training school, she joined Titan Academy, where she furthered her huntress training. During her time in Titan, she built a car for her to use (detailsof whichare outlined in thebonus section), putting her engineering skills to the test. She was successful andstill has the car to this day.

Leaving Titan, she was offered a job as a hired huntress in the Atlesian Millitary. She accepted and was immeduately put into her first mission to locate the White Fang leader. During the mission, her aura failed during an encounter with the leader and she was left vulnerable to their attacks. They took the opportunity to finish her off, but only to the pount of unconciousness. They thought they had killed her, but her brain was yet to be shut down.

Before it could, she was rescued by the Atlesian Millitary and whisked away to a research lab. There, they uploaded her conciousness into a robotic body. The operation was only partially successful as it took away most of her memories, leaving her as a shell of her former self, and giving her the inability to feel emotions, which is why she believes emotions are a waste of time.

A few months after being rebuilt as an android, she found out what the Altesian Millitary did to her through a friend she made while serving in the millitary. She decided to quit and is now more or less, a Huntress/mercenary for hire.




She is based off of my cyborg-pony OC of the same name.

That's it.

Referred by: Found on RPG-D as I was browsing for PG-13 RWBY RP sites.

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 Posted: May 20 2016, 11:28 AM
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