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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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Iris Althea

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Mar 31 2016, 10:52 PM
Iris felt a small feeling of comfort wash over her as she stepped into the private faculty showers in the staff wing of the Titan facility. It was a familiar feeling to her, one of knowing that she was in the safety of privacy. No one showered in these facilities at this time of night, mostly because there weren't many faculty even left in the building. It had taken her some time to learn when the proper times for her to shower were, needing to study the habits of her fellow professors and faculty members to know when the shower was entirely free for her.

And now, as always, she was one of the very last faculty members still remaining in the building. Knowing that no other faculty member had any reason to be stepping into the shower this late, she could find the sense of security she needed to undress without shame. She stripped down and tucked her clothes away in one of the few lockers for storing possessions. The woman grabbed her shampoo and soap and crossed into the long hallway of shower heads.

The older women stepped under one of the shower heads and turned it on, shivering with delight as the initial icy blast of water caught her in the chest. She let out a soft sigh as she turned around and let the water start to beat down on the back of her neck and drip down her back. As always, she was acutely aware of the moment she lost the cold sensation of the water just below her neck. Still, the water that sprayed over her shoulders and dripped down her front was relaxing as the flow started to warm up ever so slightly to just a little above the initial cold blast.

She had never been able to adjust to taking warm showers, not that they sent her off into a panic like large fires did, but the raw heat always caused her to feel mildly uncomfortable. And so she had gotten used to taking much colder than normal showers. Iris tilted her head forward and began to run her hands through her long hair, getting it soaked so she could start washing it after enjoying the cold spray for a while longer.

She turned around and covered her chest with her left arm, letting the icy flow of water continue to run over her body. As her body temperature adjusted to the water her mind began to wander as it often did, her mind running through too many different streams of thoughts to be easily differentiated. And slowly they began to relax, the stresses of the day washing away with the water that dripped down her body and down the drain.

Iris reached up for the shampoo resting on one of the metal ledges running along the wall and portioned out a small amount into her hand and began to run her hands through her now soaking wet hair. Her fingers worked through her now tangled and drenched strands of her slightly graying hair. In the corner of her mind she realized she was going to need to have her hair color touched up a bit before anyone really noticed.
Mar 19 2016, 02:10 PM
Iris had to admit she was a bit surprised that she had managed to wrap up her work for the day before Neto had needed to track her down. Outside of the injuries sustained by her abused children, most arrivals hadn't been terrible taxing on her. By the time things were in a stable enough state for her to leave for the night, she had looked at the clock to see that she might have just enough time to run home and get changed into something more 'comfortable' for the night.

And so she departed the infirmary for the day, leaving her nurses special instructions to pass on to the night shift that she was only to be called in an absolute emergency that night. 'Dust help them if they call me in and someone isn't dying.' She thought, knowing that it was a bit selfish of her, but realizing that she needed this night to go well so she could unwind from years of unreleased stress.

Still, she knew that her nurses would understand the situation, and more importantly keep quiet about specifics. All that was important was that their boss was going to enjoy her night, and that she'd be happier in the immediate future for it, which would make their lives far easier than when she was stressed. None of them were in any hurry to disrupt those plans.

Iris left the main building of Titan Academy, making her way across campus to the building that housed several suites for Faculty members that needed to live on Academy grounds for some reason or another. In her case it was the need for her rapid presence in the case of any sort of emergency. With her semblance on top of her considerable medical knowledge and skills, Titan was practically its own hospital and it was her full responsibility.

She entered her suite and wasted no time in heading straight to the large wardrobe in her bedroom. Iris began pulling through her various clothes and tossing them onto her bed when something caught her eye. After almost a few minutes of sorting through her clothes she turned to her large wooden dresser and tentatively reached out to the second drawer. It almost felt strange for her to hesitate in opening something she had once been so excited to be able to go through.

"Dust I hope I'm still attractive." She whined slightly, nerves starting to get the better of her. Finally she pulled open the drawer to reveal her collection of lingerie. She had more than enough clothes to match whatever she chose to wear underneath, and there was a good chance her clothes wouldn't stay on through the night, so this was the most important choice she needed to make.

Iris picked through them carefully, finally pulling out a few pieces to try on and breathing far too heavy sighs of relief that they still fit her just perfectly. She settled on a black silk chemise over a lacy bra and a pair of stockings with garter belts. Of course they were all hand made by herself, one of the many benefits of being a spider faunus was an innate talent to sew clothing with fishnet material and her own naturally produced silk.

Of course, the chemise she had chosen completely covered her back. There was no need for Neto to see that undesirable part of her and ruin the mood of the night. Iris was always very careful even in her prime years of indiscretion, never once slipping up and allowing someone to see her shame even accidentally. She was confident that this night would be no different, and she had no reason to be concerned about it.

Now she turned to her clothes and picked out a black skirt that stopped just short of where her lace leggings ended, the garterbelts disappearing up into her skirt while still exposing a teasing section of her thighs. With that settled she turned to a simple buttoned blouse that she could comfortably wear to cover the chemise till it would eventually be time to reveal it.

After disappearing into her bathroom to fix herself with an absolutely minimal amount of makeup, she decided that she was ready to go and face the night. She took one long look at herself in the mirror to ensure that she was all put together, feeling her heart fluttering in a mix of anticipation and fear. 'I'd forgotten what this feels like...' She mused to herself as she nodded approvingly at her ensemble.

With her preparations done, she left her suite and locked the door behind her, knowing she wouldn't be home again till the next day. She walked back to the Academy main building, weaving her way through as if she knew the building like the back of her hand. Which, of course, after working there for so many years she essentially did. She could feel the eyes of students she passed by on her, almost in shock as many did triple takes as they realized just who it was making her way with a purpose through the Academy.

Finally reaching the elevator to the headmaster's office, she stepped inside and keyed the button to take her up. The doors closed and the elevator ascended, Iris using the brief time to look at her reflection in the polished metal of the elevator to make sure she looked acceptable. The elevator stopped its ascent and finally the doors opened, her heart starting to skip a few beats as she realized she had no idea how to present herself.

Stepping out of the elevator and into view of her boss, a friend, and her date for the night, she had to default to something that felt natural to her. And with that in mind, she opted to lightly tease Neto for not having come to her earlier. "You know it's not polite to keep a lady waiting." She pointed out to Neto with a hand on her hips and a smirk pulling at her lips.
Mar 15 2016, 12:09 AM
Iris Althea had let out a sigh of irritation when she had departed the audience hall when the man she grudgingly considered to be a friend, and even more grudgingly had to admit was her boss, had openly accepted ridiculous challenges from students that seemed to have no respect for his position of authority. While she had to admit Nero needed to lay down the law, the manner in which he was doing it was pointlessly excessive.

That moment, that long walk back to the infirmary where she knew she would be needed shortly, had long since passed now. It felt like it had been a long time since she had let out that sigh, as the next few hours had been filled with treating patients, students, her new children, that the Headmaster had put there because he wanted to show off and prove some kind of point to the hall full of incoming students.

The older woman needed a drink, and she needed to smack Nero very hard. Since she still had work to do she would need to settle for the latter if she happened to see him before getting a chance to partake in the former. Everyone that had been sent to her so far had been treated and were now either resting in hospital beds sectioned off for privacy by curtains, or had been cleared to return to their activities. Those still resting and recovering were being treated by the less skilled and experiences nurses under her command, Iris' skills as the 'surgeon' and overall doctor of the Academy not currently being called for.

Now she sat in one of the small clinical rooms in her privacy staring out a window doing her best to control her irritation. Iris was mildly tired, not enough to affect her work or her concentration, but she had certainly used her semblance a fair bit more in the past few hours than she had been needed to for quite some time. The woman hadn't received another patient in a little while, so she wondered if perhaps her Headmaster's display of idiotic supremacy had come to an end or if one of the spunky young rebellious children actually managed to put up a fight against Nero.

"Of course not." She scoffed at the thought immediately. These were only fresh faced children for dust's sake. The man was beating up her children, just the thought of it drove her to the point of anger unlike anyone else was so easily capable of. Her motherly instincts were too powerful, but deep in her heart she knew that at least some part of him was at least a little bit right. If these children were silly enough to challenge the headmaster of their school as if they stood a chance they needed to be shown how reality worked before they got hurt.

A small groan of pain coming from a shifting in one of the many occupied beds in the main area of the infirmary perked her interest before it settled back down, having broken Iris away from her thoughts on the matter. "Hurt worse than they have been, anyways." She muttered out loud as her ears picked up the sound of one of her nurse's heels clicking across the floor and taking care of whatever minor matter was paining the patient. If it was necessary for her to intervene, she would, but she needed to be ready for the possibility of additional patients needing the care of her semblance.

She ran a hand through her long hair and let out a sigh. "That idiot better not show his face here." Iris thought, another irritated sigh leaving her lips as she still stared out the window at the campus grounds. But she knew he would, she knew him too well to think he wouldn't actually show up to check on everything after he was done.
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