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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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Neto Crius

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Dec 21 2015, 12:40 AM
[dohtml]<center><table style="width:350px;background-color:#303030; border-radius: 15px;"><tr><td><div style="border-top:double 5px #C0C0C0; padding: 3px;margin-top:5px;"></div><div style="font-size:10px;text-align:justify;color:#D0D0D0;padding:5px;font-family:arial;">Jeez. Eleven Years. It had been that long since he graduated from this academy. A lot had changed with himself and his now disbanded team. He hadn't ever been the type to be a leader. But, as he sat in the great big chair of his office, his feet up on his desk, he couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. He was expected to lead not only a handful of people, but an entire school. To direct people, make the big decisions. He didn't know if he was prepared for it, but he had to figure it out, and fast. He had a job to take up, as the headmaster of Titan.
He sighed as he looked out of the great window of his office. The custodial crew was setting up for the assembly he had been forced to set up. If it were up to him, they'd skip all the ceremonial bullshit. But, unfortunately, he had to keep up appearances. It was one of the few things he didn't miss about this whole academy. Still, it almost felt nostalgic to almost come full circle. This wasn't square one, but he was still glad to be back. Eleven years should have changed things immensely. But, the school's layout clearly never needed fixing. The only things that really changed were the teachers and the rooms. He sighed again after looking at the clock. It was almost time. So, taking one last, long drag on his cigarette, he exhaled a cloud of surprisingly clean smoke, and ground the thing against the toe of his shoes, throwing it into his trash can that he kept under the desk.
As he rose to his feet, he slipped one arm into the sleeve of his coat, slipping the other arm into the other as he bounced from his heels to his toes. He turned slowly around, taking up Atlesian Quake in both hands before slinging it across his back, the now familiar weight being some level of comfort for him. He wasn't going to carry Atlesian Hammer. He wouldn't need it. As he strode across the room, he huffed softly, running a hand through his messy hair as he hit the call button for the elevator. The only thing he disliked about the Headmaster's office. It was so high up it needed its own damn elevator to speed up descent to the ground level.
A few moments later, he strode out into the main circle. The students hadn't started gathering, yet. But, soon they would. He had no prepared speech, no lines, nothing. That was precisely the way he liked it. He felt his coat pocket for his cigarettes and lighter. Good, that was there as well. He tended to smoke whenever he got stressed, so it was a good idea to always have them on his person. The strangest part about the ones he smoked was that, instead of giving him horrid breath, it actually seemed to make it smell more like mint. That was mostly due to the fact that he got them from the same place his father did, and had mint leaves crushed into the filters, which prevented horrid breath. Great. Mere moments before the speech he had to make, and he was focusing on how weird his cigarettes were. As he looked out into the growing crowd, he couldn't help but smile, shaking his head as the staff made their general introductions, leaving off with his name, and then leaving him to make his speech. So, with a tired smile, he allowed his eyes to scan over the crowd as he cleared his throat, the microphone enhancing the sound.
Jeez. All this ceremony, just for someone that hasn't even been here for eleven years. You certainly know how to make a guy nervous. I suppose..if any one thing could be said about all this, it would be this: It's simultaneously wonderful and terrifying to be back here, after so long I spent away. But now..looking out over all of you. I see children. I know that some of you have gotten used to the last headmaster, who was, from what I heard, essentially a ghost. Nobody really knew he was here, and that made it easier to get away with things. Some of you will probably resent me because I'm precisely what you hate. An authority figure. Most of you on the other hand, probably don't care. I know, if the positions were flipped, and I was just some kid in a crowd, I'd have slipped out the back and gone off to hang out with a friend a long time ago. He rambled on, his speech lacking any eloquence or fanciful wording. Eventually, he stopped. He was stressing out, and needed a smoke. So, reaching into his coat pocket, he took one out, and lit it with his finger quickly, the dust around his arm glowing underneath his black coat. He took a long, slow drag off of it and exhaled, sighing in relief. The tension he felt all but disappeared.
I suppose my messages to you are these: Firstly, if anyone here thinks that they know all that they need to know, and think that this school doesn't need a headmaster, feel free to step up and challenge me. Secondly, and more importantly. You all have decided to follow a path that is entirely your own. I am not here to change that choice, or force you to do anything. I would know better than most just how many people are here as a means to an end. Not all of us are here solely to be huntsman and huntresses, or soldiers, or even specialists. We all have a path we have decided to follow. All any of us, be it teacher, student, or even a headmaster like myself...all we can do is direct that focus, passion, anger, whatever it is that keeps you all going. We can direct it, teach you to utilize it effectively. I guess..that's all I really have to say. Not much of one for great, eloquent speeches. What I said before stands. If anyone has a challenge, now would be the time to speak up. Otherwise, you're all free to go back to class, or whatever you were doing before this assembly was called. He said, finally taking another drag off of his cigarette and pausing, waiting for anyone to say something, to make a challenge, or even for someone to ask him a genuine question. If nobody said anything he would walk back to the elevator, and hang out in his office doing paperwork and stuff for the rest of the day.
</div><div style="border-top:double 5px #C0C0C0;padding: 3px;"></div></td></tr></table><div style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 9px;text-align:center;">by RIN of GS</div><table style="width:350px;background-color:#303030;border-radius: 15px;"><tr><td style="height:100px;padding:5px;"><div style="background-color:#303030;border:solid 3px #C00000;width:100px;height:100px;color:#700000;float:right;"></div><div style="text-align:justify;font-size:11px;letter-spacing:5px;text-transform:lowercase;font-family:georgia;color:#D0D0D0;">Your powers are not meant for destruction. They exist to</div><div style="text-align:right;letter-spacing:5px;font-family:georgia;color:#C00000;font-size:15px;font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase;">PROTECT, I GUARANTEE THAT</div><div style="border-top:dashed 3px #C0C0C0; margin-top:3px;"></div><div style="font-size:10px;text-align:justify;color:#D0D0D0;padding:5px;font-family:arial;letter-spacing:1px;margin-top:5px;">TITAN STUDENTS ♚ DIDNT BOTHER ♚ ASSEMBLY TIME</div></td></tr></table></div></div>[/dohtml]
Dec 4 2015, 07:34 PM

<div id="bigbody"><div id="iconhere"><img width="100" height="100" src=""></img></div>
<div id="fullname">NETO EMBER CRIUS</div><div id="subtext">Titan Headmaster</div><br><br><br><br>
<div id="tab">
<div id="smalltext">
<div align=center><table><tr><td><div id="criteria">AGE.</div> <div id="here">Thirty-One</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">BIRTHDATE.</div> <div id="here">July 14th</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">GENDER.</div> <div id="here">Male</div></td>
<td><div id="criteria">OCCUPATION.</div> <div id="here">Titan Faculty</div></td></tr></table></div>
<div id="criteriah">AURA.</div> As a powerful practitioner of the use of Aura, Neto's aura has a rather..strange appearance. When activated, his aura flickers around him like fire, but has the appearance of some form of red liquid, which gives off a sense of an indomitable will, while his form seems to warp, a haze of heat making it waver and warp as he uses it. For most, that would seem to imply that his Semblance revolves around heat, or fire. This is far from true, as his aura is just naturally hot, just like its occasionally hotheaded user.
One thing that is constant about Neto's Semblance is that many that know him would not expect something that requires such..Finesse. Known as Will of The King, Neto's semblance allows him to condense his aura into the form of up to two swords. These swords do not have a set shape, as they take shape based on Neto's most prevalent emotion. However, there seems to be a set type of sword for each emotion Neto has. Should his prevalent emotion be anger, these swords take on the form of some type of two handed sword. Sadness has them take on the form of thin, thrust based swords. Happiness creates longswords, Fear creates sharp, curved blades, and should there be no highly prevalent emotion, they take on the form of blades not dissimilar to a Katana. These weapons typically are not wielded by hand, but rather through mental manipulation, allowing Neto to wield both weapons without the use of his hands. This has a relatively short range of about twenty feet, but all of these weapons, wielded by hand or not, hit with the same amount of force. However, should he overuse his Semblance, these blades will shatter, leaving his aura heavily drained, to the point where he cannot even activate dust with it. It is essentially running on just a high enough level to protect him, but is incapable of doing much else until he rests, or at least escapes combat. By far however, sleep is the more effective route, enabling his body to recharge and refocus his aura into a usable state once more.
Notes: Activating his semblance will not activate the dust tattooed into his skin, that must be activated separately. But, should dust be activated while wielding one of these weapons by hand, the blade will absorb the dust, dealing elemental damage, or assimilating a property of the dust type. For Pink Dust, this makes the blade capable of detonating at will when thrown, at the cost of sacrificing the weapon itself. Purple dust allows the weapons to be swung faster, Brown dust reacts with his aura as if it were a mould to create a tangible weapon that can be wielded by others, returning that weapons portion of energy to him, and Orange Dust seems to crystallize the weapon, making it highly reflective.
He is also capable of enhancing his attacks with aura, but only while either unarmed or using Atlesian Hammer, while also excelling at creating barriers of aura.
<div id="criteriah">WEAPONS.</div> Named after an old tale of a god of war, Neto, as a huntsman, has access to exceedingly powerful weaponry, along with old traditions of weaving dust into clothing, and even skin. However, as the headmaster of Titan, he also has access to a bit more than most do, thanks to his own paycheck. As a result, he has a few very good weapons, which allow him to fight with various styles.
His first and oldest weapon is perhaps his most versatile as well. When it was made, it was given the name Atlesian Quake, which was given to it upon the discovery that its main melee form is capable of cracking the ground due to its weight. Much like Neto himself, Atlesian Quake is a very versatile weapon, boasting four different forms! However, only three of these are usable as actual weaponry. Its first form is a standby form, during which both sections of blade are retracted within the stock of the weapon, and the trigger is folded up into it so as not to be able to be pulled. While in standby form, Atlesian Quake is a good four inches shorter than any other form. This is typically the form most people see the weapon in, as it is typically on his back in standby mode. However, should he need the firepower, with a click of a button, the top segment of blade will spring forth, locking in place atop the barrel as the triggers are unlocked, popping out from the stock of the weapon to be able to be fired. In this form, Atlesian Quake is considered a "Railgun". This form is almost exclusively powered by dust, which is used to both power the weapon, and almost always as its ammunition. In this form, there are only a few types of dust usable by the weapon. However, should it be absolutely necessary, or should there not be dust on hand, Neto carries a secondary Carousel clip that fires more mundane bullets, allowing it usage as a high impact rifle instead. The types of dust that this weapon is compatible with are as follows:
  • Red Dust: Placing a red dust crystal into the carousel fed "clip" of Atleasian Quake allows the weapon to fire either a single high explosive slug of crystal dust, which explodes into a fireball upon contact-leaving a trail of flame behind it as it is fired-or allows the weapon to function as a flamethrower, firing a constant beam of flame until the crystal is depleted, which typically takes around two minutes. The drawback to this alternate mode of firing however is that it is exceedingly close ranged, forcing him to be within five feet of the target to make contact with it.
  • Yellow Dust: Placing a Yellow dust crystal into a slot of Atleasian Quake's clip allows the weapon to be a traditional railgun, charging itself up before unleashing a blast of electric energy, much like a laser in appearance. However, while this its its primarily used firing mode with this type of dust, it does indeed have a second, less commonly used firing mode. While the previously mentioned firing mode requires that the second trigger be held down before being released to fire the beam, pulling the first trigger allows the weapon to fire less powerful bolts of electricity, which only reach out to fifteen feet, while the fully charged beam reaches out to at least twenty five. Using the secondary firing mode only gives this type of dust one shot, but when the weaker primary firing mode is used, six bolts can be fired before the clip automatically rotates to the next type of dust.
  • Green Dust: Placing a Green dust crystal into Atlesian Quake's clip creates an..interesting effect. When the first trigger is pulled, it fires off the entire crystal at once, launching a beam of razor wind at the target, which spreads and expands as it travels, due to the crystal breaking down into smaller chunks. However, when the second trigger is pulled, a small portion of the crystal is converted into powder, which launches a small gale of wind from the barrel, creating a small buffer zone which throws off projectiles.
  • Pink Dust: Very similar to Red Dusts function as ammunition, pink dust itself does much the same thing as red dust for its first firing function: A crystal is launched as a slug, which creates an explosion upon contact with its target. However, when compared to the Red Dust explosion, this one is much larger in scale. As with every kind of dust, Pink Dust has a secondary firing function as well. With this function, the crystal is launched with just enough firepower to stick it to most surfaces without detonating it, allowing the crystal to be used as a landmine, breaching charge, booby trap, etc.
In it's third form-which cannot be activated in standby mode unless the carousel clip is removed-Atlesian Quake's stock unlocks, folding up and compressing into two handles, from which a small clicking sound can be heard as they lock into place and the barrel unlocks. When pulled apart, they seem to be baton, as the blades are still telescopically locked into the handle. However, with a flick of his wrists, the blades unlock, shooting outwards before locking into place, giving him a twin set of longswords! Strangely enough however, while in this form, the blades are incompatible with dust. This is due to the fact that its internalized dust chambers are each split in half, compromised and unable to be used without the risk of malfunction. In this form, Neto's fighting style is at its most mobile, as he fights in a way akin to someone using daggers, primarily resorting to quick slashes, feints, and stabbing.
Atlesian Quake's fourth and final form has two different ways of access. It can be activated in standby mode, which is done by pushing the large silver button slightly below and behind the Carousel clip, which immediately ejects the clip as the portion which the button is on moves, unfolding as both sections of blade shoot out from their places within the weapon, locking in place as different sections of the weapon lock into place to create the hand guard, creating a greatsword when the weapon is fully transformed. While in this form, the weapon is used as such, requiring both hands for Neto to wield it properly. However, while in this form, Atlesian Quake can only use Brown Dust, which is used in conjunction with its staggering weight to give Neto range with his attacks, shifting the earth itself with a squeeze of its handle. However, should Neto have already activated the twin blade form, this form can be used by clicking the blades back together, which sparks a faster combination sequence in which the handles open up, folding into each other as the blades lock back together. Those who have seen Atlesian Quake in this form can attest to its weight, as it takes even Neto both hands to wield it, where most others would be unable to even lift it. As such, his fighting style in this form is similar to that of a Zweihander user, where most of the attacks are given force through turns of his body, and deft usage of footwork and hand work.
However, there is a reason why most people only ever see its standby form. Atlesian Quake, for all of its power, was modified and upgraded over the years, to the point where he considers it a beastly weapon, suited only for combat against the creatures of Grimm. Against human and faunus opponents, he uses a much less aggressive weapon, a play on an old type of weapon known as a Tekko. This weapon is known as the Atlesian Hammer. This weapon is comprised of a pair of straps, which slide onto his hands. Attached to these are specially treated and sized curved metal rods, which come to rest level with his knuckles, protecting them along with the spaces between his fingers. The weapon and its straps have all been treated to withstand most all forms of damage, including burning, melting, freezing, and cutting. However, he also has a set that snap in place on the tops of his shoes. While using this weapon, his fighting style is very much that of a brawler, using all of his arms and legs to their fullest extent in combat, even augmenting his attacks with the various dust based tattoos that he has.
Atlesian Quake Reference
Atlesian Hammer Reference
After he graduated from Titan, Neto decided to take up his families custom of tattooing his body with various types of dust, meant to augment his hand to hand and unarmed fighting capabilities. He only currently has a handful of tattoos, and those that he has currently are as follows
  • A Tribal Ring of Fire Circling up both of his arms. This tattoo is colored red, and gives him the use of fire and heat while channeling aura into his arms, typically given off in the form of his entire arm igniting, this can also be focused into certain parts of his arm, and allows him to project fire outwards should he need to do so. The number of times the effects of this tattoo can be used before needing to be redone is uncertain, though this is by far his most used tattoo, so it can be assumed that the number of uses is fairly high.
  • The Symbol of his family Tattooed on his chest, this tattoo is colored white, allowing him to spontaneously create a barrier, should he not have the time or energy left to activate his semblance. This tattoo is mirrored in regular ink on his back. This tattoo can be used once before needing to be redone.
  • Tribal Wings Tattooed on the outsides of each leg, colored purple, these allow Neto bursts of hyper speed, though can only be used twice before needing to be redone.
He also carries enough dust crystals to reload once. He carries a single crystal of every type of dust his weapon is capable of firing, along with one clip that fires bullets of an extremely high caliber. On an unrelated note, he is never seen without a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, so as to not waste the dust tattooed in his arms on lighting one.</div><br><br>
<div id="tab">PERSONAL PROFILE</div>
<div id="smalltext">
<div id="criteriah">APPEARANCE.</div>In possession of a rather unassuming build, Neto Crius is five feet and eleven inches tall, weighing one hundred and sixty pounds. He is in possession of medium length, slightly spiked and wild red hair, with golden eyes, which always seem tired. He dresses far more casually than one would expect of someone in his position, preferring T-Shirts underneath a simple black leather jacket, with a hood ringed with black fur. For pants, typically he is seen in dark colored jeans, mostly in blue and black. These jeans are fairly baggy, allowing him a freer range of movement. He wears simple black shoes. For accessories, he wears an asterisk shaped pendant. The necklace that the pendant hangs from seems to be black shoelaces intertwined with a second material, giving it a rope like appearance. While all of his clothes fit rather loosely, those who have seen him in more form fitting clothes can attest to his toned, slightly muscular build. It should also be noted that, more often than not, he is wearing sunglasses or smoking. Sometimes he will have both of them, if the day is too bright and he needs a cigarette.
<br><div id="criteriah">PERSONALITY.</div> Most people would describe Neto Crius as slothful, relaxed, but very supportive and somewhat strict. While this is a rather accurate description, it only scratches the surface of what makes up the headmaster of Titan. While he is fairly lazy and rather relaxed, he is not a slacker. If he is given a task, he will see it completed with dedication. This is mostly due to the militaristic environment in which he spent his tween-age and teenage years, in the academies of Olympia and Titan respectively. Due to this strict environment, he is strict, but not to an unreasonable degree. This is thanks to the fact that, after graduating from Titan, he did not join the Atlesian military, but took up jobs across all of the kingdoms. His supportive nature is actually also thanks to this, as he took up the role of leader of his Team, his appointment of which was rather unorthodox, not following the typical formula of the first initial belonging to the leader of the team. He is fairly analytical, not afraid to point out the mistakes that others make, or even his own. This is not done in a uptight or snobby way however, and is more fitting of friendly suggestions or suggestions from a teacher than anything.
Not unlike many who have studied in Atlas, Neto himself has a fierce temper, and can be hotheaded himself, which is not aided by his relative impatience with most things, something that always surprises those who discover it. It is not befitting of someone in his position, but it is how he has always been. Of course, not all of his personality is negative. He can be quite the joker, almost always ready with a quip, pun, or joke. And, despite how he acts while he is in Titan, Neto is a rather positive individual, not adverse to smiling or laughing. But, this has been weakened over the years, and mostly he defaults to a neutral mask, that tends to make people think he is irritated. Befitting his role as a teacher, Neto is a very supportive individual, his style of teaching following a method of practical lessons, along with pointing out mistakes and offering corrections, and rewarding effort. He tries his best to not cut people down unless it is absolutely necessary, and when he does, it is not just insulting or making a fool of the person. Even then, he always ends by telling how they can better themselves.
Of course, as a fighter, Neto is disciplined, but flexible, a firm belief that falling into one specific style of combat makes a fighter more vulnerable being the crux of this. While he might not appear as such, he is quite the intellectual, possessing knowledge beyond simple experience. Of course, he is not above showing weakness, as he has no qualms with lighting up a cigarette in front of others. He does not attempt to present himself as an ideal fighter, teacher, or even person.
<br><div id="criteriah">HISTORY.</div>Born into the wealthy Crius family, Neto, from the very moment he was conceived, was destined to do great things. Afforded every advantage that comes with being born into wealth, he was groomed from a young age for a military career, like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather before him. However, as the middle child, he always had a bit more freedom of choice than his older sister, or even his younger brother. His parents never held any special attention to him, just as most parents do. Strangely though, unlike most middle children, Neto welcomed the lack of attention, not because he liked to make trouble, but because it allowed him to pursue his own interests as long as he attended his lessons. Despite or perhaps even because of his families military pedigree, Neto's interests were in the path of a huntsman, rather than a soldier. Luckily for him, this did not mean he had to change course from his families decision to send him to Olympia. He was sent to Olympia at the young age of twelve, with enough training in combat, the use of dust, blacksmithing, and aura to have an edge over most students. Like his older brother and everyone before him, he had a general idea of the type of weapon he wanted to wield. He however, made two. Atlesian Quake, which started as a rifle that could be split into swords, and his original incarnation of Atlesian Hammer. He took to the militaristic lifestyle of Olympia rather easily, as he was raised in a similar environment.
However, despite all of his training, the one thing he seemed to struggle with was making friends. More often than not, Neto was the last person to be chosen in anything, despite his higher skill in most things. While he didn't particularly mind, since he never really had many friends growing up, it did bother him because it reflected poorly on him. His grades and experience didn't change, but, after his first year, something changed in Neto. Up through his first year at Olympia, he was always focused on bettering himself as a fighter and as a huntsman in training. It was only when he realized how alone he would be if he kept going down that path that shook him to his core, loosening him up a bit. Slowly, but surely, the uptight, quiet, and honestly generic acting Neto eventually grew into his own. His second year at Olympia went much better, he made three friends in the first month of his second year..friends who would eventually become the other three members of team Crimson: Chalcedony Typhona, Silvius Gaianus, and Marianus Tethys. The four of them were surprisingly interested in similar things, but with different backgrounds and some occasional differences in what they enjoyed. It was a small group, but it was his group of friends.
The more that he spent time with his friends, the more laid back and joking he became. Eventually, he became the joker of the group. This remained true throughout their time at signal, when they formed the then makeshift Team CMSN, which at the time went by the full word, rather than the Acronym they were given in Titan. Ar times, they all came close to flunking out of Olympia, but through their own knack of getting the others to actually try, they managed to graduate on time, joining Titan at the ages of Sixteen and Seventeen. During their initiation, Neto ended up becoming Chalcedony's partner, while Silvius and Marianus became partners. Through sheer luck, or perhaps a bit of manipulation behind the scenes, the four of them somehow ended up on a team. During their initiation was the first time that Neto had been forced to reforge and upgrade Atlesian Quake. It broke while he was attempting to fight off against an animatronic grimm that was specially made for Titan. He fired off a few shots at it, covering Chalcedony as she ran for cover with their objective, and he had activated the dual blades form, dashing up to it, slashing it about a few times before the deathstalker type animatronic grimm stabbed at him with its stinger, breaking one of the two blades in half, forcing him to disable it with essentially one large sword and a dagger. Somehow, he managed to do so.
After the formation of Team CMSN, Neto did a check on his weapon. The blades would no longer click together. The stinger hit had compromised the barrel, and the blade itself. It was in this first moment of repair that Atlesian Quake went from a rifle to its current railgun form, which he was inspired to make after seeing Silvius's semblance. So, using his carousel clip of rifle bullets as a mould, he remade it, extending it slightly while also changing the shape to fit crystals of dust, rather than regular bullets. After that, it took some reworking of the barrel, but by the end of the first semester, he no longer had to rely on his rudimentary brass knuckles that he had made in Olympia to never be unarmed. However, during the time he was reforging Atlesian Quake, he became far stronger, able to wrestle the much stronger automaton Ursa Major to the ground in one of his classes. This worked in his benefit, making it easier to wield Atlesian Quake, which went by the name of Atlesian Soul at the time.
Past that, Neto's years at Titan were similar to Olympia, but much more dangerous and difficult. At one point, he was willing to enter the Vytal Festival. However, the only reason Team CMSN did not enter the festival was that he was the only one willing to join, and they would not allow him to enter without his team. Eventually, Graduation day came. And with it, it was revealed the each member of the team sought a different path. Neto himself decided that he would wander the kingdoms, exploring the world, seeing things, and learning more than what he had in Titan. Chalcedony wanted to return to her home, joining her family's coalition of Hunters and Huntresses, Silvius wanted to travel to Vale, curious about Beacon and the area in general, and Marianus had joined Olympia and Titan as training for the Atlesian Military.
So, on graduation day, each member of Team CMSN gave each other a gift that they made by hand. Silvius gave Neto his Sunglasses, made by hand using his aura to melt the material he had chosen into the hand made moulds, and taking the lenses from his own sunglasses, which he had been given by his brother. Chalcedony gave him the pendant that he wears to this day. And Marianus, always the practical soul, gave him a lighter that he had made and used ever since the first day at Titan. His gift to each of them was different. Chalcedony was given a bracelet that he had made, Barrier Dust sprinkled into the bracelet as it was being made. Marianus was given the brass knuckles that he had made. They had butted heads often, his personality clashing with Marianus's strict, reserved one. But, he trusted him. He knew that Marianus would get more use from the weapon than he would. Silvius was given a pendant. One of his symbol, as they all knew what his symbol meant to him. It was meant to attach to his weapon, and it remains there to this day.
That was the last that Neto ever saw of his childhood friends. None of them have died yet, as he would be the first one to know. his travelling, he has yet to run across Chalcedony, Marianus, or Silvius. Which, considering what happened after they all went their separate ways..perhaps this is a good thing. When his home finally became a speck, and he could no longer see it, he truly became an adult. His first stop? Vacuo. When he first arrived in Vacuo, Neto still wore rather formal attire, clothing that made him overheat and eventually collapse in the middle of town. It was a mistake he would not repeat twice. Swiftly after his recovery from heat exhaustion, he ditched his clothing from Atlas, down to just a white T-Shirt and Casual pants, with his dress shoes, he proceeded to buy a leather coat, with black fur around the hood with what little lien he had left over. This coat even to this day remains part of his attire. For a time, he explored Vacuo, fighting grimm, making adjustments to Atlesian Quake, mostly so it could fire and transform faster, and eventually making his way into Vale, through way of crossing the border. He attempted to find Silvius, see how his friend was doing. But, he was not in the area at the time he arrived. By this point, two years had passed, and Neto was Twenty Two. Still a little wet behind the ears, he had improved his semblance immensely, going up from one sword to two.
The next job he took actually stemmed from Vale itself. Apparently, there was a grimm that needed exterminating. So, without question, Neto took the job. It ended up being a small army of beowolves, a few ursai, a king taitiju, and a deathstalker. By the end of all of this fighting, his weapon was banged up, almost destroyed, and needed reforged once more. At this point, Neto realized that twin swords were a little too fragile. So, when he arrived in town, he made use of Signal's forge, adding mechanisms to the repaired blades, enabling them to combine into one sturdy, massive blade. However..doing this also massively increased its weight, making it very hard to carry in gun and greatsword form. Over the years however, he has become used to it.
After that mission, things for Neto just started..blending together. He took job after job, going from Mistral, to Vacuo, to Atlas, to Vale, and then back again. Without knowing it, he developed quite the reputation back home, thanks to the constant contact he kept with his mother via his scroll. Eventually, he got a message that would change his life entirely. A job offering. It seemed Titan needed an assistant headmaster. This came not from the headmaster, but from the general overseeing the school. Honestly, Neto missed his days at titan. He had even reforged and made a better equivalent to his Brass Knuckles from his old days. So now, eleven years after leaving Titan, Neto had returned, going through the formalities and filling the role of Assistant Headmaster. However, time is a fickle mistress, and upon the retirement of the previous headmaster, Neto has been thrust into the role himself, becoming the headmaster of titan, a title which is strange and almost foreign even to him. He may or may not be qualified for the position, but, he is very much ready to try, even if hosting his own class doubles up on his already massive workload.
<div id="tab">OUT OF CHARACTER</div>
<div id="smalltext">
<div id="criteriah">ALIAS.</div> Valkyron<br>
<div id="criteriah">FACE CLAIM.</div> K Project, Mikoto Suoh as Neto Crius<br>
<div id="criteriah">INSPIRATION.</div> Admittedly, Neto takes a bit of inspiration from both Qrow and Oobleck during the latter's serious moments during season two. He is meant to mostly be the opposite of what most would assume a high ranking individual within Atlas would act like, while retaining a bit of the discipline drilled into him from a young age. His fighting style however, takes heavily after one of my favorite games: Toukiden. This is apparent with his main weapon, which takes heavily after rifles in that game, in that it only has a select few types of ammo that can be loaded in any pattern. All in all, he is a rather balanced character, despite all of the biases that he was exposed to. It is a rather interesting character, and will be the first time I've played a character like this.<br>
<div id="criteriah">ANYTHING ELSE.</div> Is that updog?

<p><b>Referred by:</b> See Teale Fiorella's application<br></td></tr></table><br><br>

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