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Posted by: Alabastiar Apr 2 2015, 05:11 PM

Remnant is full of legends and stories. Some of them true, some made up. As with most stories, the history of our world - or at least as we know it - begins with war. Man, created from dust, was born into a world of darkness and destruction. The Creatures of Grimm, the very embodiment of primordial chaos, were our only true threat. For years mankind battled the forces of evil, with the Creatures of Grimm seemingly hellbent on sending man back into the void. Man, however, learned to harness the very power of the planet - the might of nature itself - appropriately naming it Dust.

Some time in Remnant’s future, four havens of life were established by mankind. The Kingdoms of Vale, Mantle, Vacuo and Mistral. Peace was earned through sweat and blood, as each of the Kingdoms did their very best to push back the forces of evil that threatened them from the shadows. Little did they know, however, that darkness itself was growing within the hearts of man as well. Eventually, the clashing of ideals led to a struggle for power that would last years. To those alive today, be they studying among Remnant’s academies or not, this conflict would forever be known as the Great War.


It would be on the small island of Vytal, just north of present-day Vale, where the war would finally come to an end. It was here that humanity's leaders chose peace over bloodshed and constructed the future of modern society. With that came the establishment new laws, the academies and new traditions. But as with most history, the past mankind thought they had left in the darkness was doomed to repeat itself in the Faunus Rights Revolution.

Not long before the present day, the Faunus - people of animal traits - were under a significant amount of oppression. They were treated poorly, often regarded as third class citizens. They were overworked and underpaid, and were left to inhabit poorly maintained slums. No Kingdom was worse in their treatment of the Faunus as the Kingdom of Atlas, who’s many corporations even today are plagued by a stigma for their actions prior to the Revolution. Through the pain and injustice, a group of idealist Faunus founded the White Fang, an organization dedicated to preserving peace and earning their people the rights they deserved.

The fighting continued.


After years of trying, the original leader of the White Fang stepped down from his position. Greed and a hunger for power took his place, plunging the White Fang into acts of terrorism and worse. They fought against their fellow man, and even thought among one another, drawing hordes of Grimm in the process. The bulk of the fighting was eventually quelled when then-leader Falu Rasa was removed from power by Xanthus Maximilian, who sought to keep the Fang incognito while turning their focus on illegitimate business ventures for personal gain. Over time, however, his followers would grow weary of his abuse of power, and eventually the leader was cut down by his own disciples.

Now, after a brief peace, the flames of war have once again sparked. Tension between the Kingdoms is on the rise as new and more powerful pawns are put into play. Manipulation and deceit run rampant in our world, but there are still those with the power to change that - you. The Huntsman and Huntresses of Remnant, some showing allegiance to the Academies while some do not, are the frontlines of a massive conflict doomed to plummet Remnant once again into shadows. They are our sword and shield, the saviors of mankind. Will you preserve life in our world, or will you succumb to the darkness and bring about its ruin?

It is up to you to take the first step.

Posted by: Kenji Nov 12 2015, 04:02 PM

Following years of well-earned peace, chaos has once again taken a firm grip upon the Kingdoms of Remnant. The Creatures of Grimm, the greatest threat to life in our world, have begun to increase in numbers surrounding each of the Kingdoms’ capital cities. Fearing an attack is imminent, the academies of each respective Kingdom have taken drastic measures to ensure their people are protected from the looming threat.

To make matters worse is a growing threat that is the White Fang. Emerging more dangerous than ever after a coup d'etat, the organization carefully plan their next move, ready to unleash an overwhelming shadow upon Remnant and its people. Soon, many will be forced to choose sides as the Fang rally their Faunus brethren in an effort to quell the racism and hatred that has kept them at the feet of their human counterparts for years once and for all.

A darkness is rising.

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