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 Xanthus Maximilian, Deceased, for reference only
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 10:52 AM
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Deceased Fang Leader

Xanthus never fully developed his Aura, which shimmered a week golden color. As a result, he was never able to obtain his Semblance before his death..

Xanthus possessed two high caliber semi-automatic rifle scythes collectively called “Det stora Babylon”, or simply “Babylon the Great”. These weapons took the form of large golden scythes, which connect at the barrels to form a large double bladed weapon. Because of Xanthus’ dislike of Dust, he chose specifically not to use it for his weapon with the exception of 2 of his 10 bullets (5 bullets per magazine, 1 magazine per gun), which used a precise mixture of gunpowder and Violet Dust to increase their speed and thus their damage.

When combined, Babylon was unable to fire as a rifle, instead relying on the strength of Xanthus for use of its two scythe blades. Precision was required for use of the weapon given its full overall size and weight. Momentum as also key, and Xanthus used his years of hand to hand training and small body to deliver devastating blows. Xanthus was also highly skilled in various forms of hand to hand combat, favoring Baritsu. He used his deductive skills to identify weak spots on an enemy, mostly pressure points, striking with crippling precision.

Single Bellando
Double Bellando


Xanthus stands at just under six feet tall and is of slender build. Light complexion and dark haired, he takes more after his father than he does his mother. The Liger Faunus possesses the senses of a hunter, and is often commended for his tracking skills - the only physical trait of his Faunus heritage are his retractable claws. The young White Fang midboss sports dark colored hair, contrast to his pale skin. His eyes are a deep blue, with a ring of hazel around his pupils.

His attire is rather formal in all senses, wearing finely pressed suits both casually and when running missions for White Fang. Xanthus also has a slender figure, a result of continuous training and exercise, particularly different yoga forms. The purpose of the slender build is to allow easier use of his weapon, Det stora Babylon, in it’s combined form.

Xanthus had a profound aptitude for deductive reasoning. Upon meeting a person, he would often "scan" them, using elements of their appearance to arrive at astonishingly accurate conclusions about their past or personality. However, Xanthus was not infallible, as he admits "there is always something" that he misses or misinterprets.

Xanthus practiced a memory retrieval technique called the "Method of Loci", also referred to as the “Mind Palace”. This technique works as the storing of memories by plotting them on a map of a familiar location, and retrieving those memories by finding the way back to them, so as to theoretically never forget anything. To use this skill, Xanthus required silence and space to himself to reduce outside interference

Xanthus showed skill in unarmed and armed combat, keeping the rules of the combat discipline Baritsu hanged over his bed. He was occasionally able to use his deductive reasoning to identify weaknesses of his opponents and occasionally exploit them. He demonstrated his prowess in bringing down a target with one blow, successfully disarming several others with a gun, and fighting off a group of enemies with a sword during his initiation into the White Fang. Worthy of note is, among their ranks, Rasa was the only member of White Fang that Xanthus has lost a sparring match to (with Coquel being the only person succeeding in their attempt to kill him).

Xanthus had a manipulative streak, and in multiple instances had used his knowledge of people and their weaknesses to his advantage. There are moments when Xanthus did not seem to realize that he occasionally upset people with his accurate deductions about their personal lives, most often delivered quite tactlessly. Although most times Xanthus seemed inhuman and cold, he does know how to appreciate or acknowledge those of considerable skills.

His sense of humor was almost abnormal and very sarcastic. Xanthus seemed to find having to run away from pursuers, ridiculous situations and the stupidity of others to be rather amusing. He often made quips at the expense of his boss, often remarking something similar to "Try not to start a war before I get home; you know what it does for traffic".

The most noticeable of his traits was the fact he is constantly bored by the lack of a job; he found peace and quiet to be hateful, to the point of starting a small fight club within White Fang. He had shot the wall of his room repeatedly just to ease his boredom. When he was offered a job, he would not have accepted it unless he rated it a seven out of ten, or finds it interesting. His overall erratic behavior caused some to question whether or not Xanthus struggled with a drug addiction.

Much of Xanthus’ personal life was kept quiet, keeping his past as just that to prevent opening up to other people. Because of this, much of his life was left to speculation and rumor. Truth was, Xanthus’ life was nothing close to special. Born and raised by a stuck up family of Faunus that happened to make it into the big life, the Liger Faunus was spoiled much of his life, to his disliking. Xanthus never liked being different. He wanted to be plain, he wanted to be like everyone else. He didn’t need special treatment, he felt too different.

His father was an expert in robotics, working on a top secret project in Atlas. His mother, a typical housewife mooching off his father’s success. Following the death of his father in a lab accident, Xanthus dropped out of school and ran away from home to pursue other interests. The teenage Xanthus ended up with the “wrong crowd”, a gang of hooligans that ran around town committing a host of petty crimes. It was here the young Maximilian learned how to fight, taking an interest in martial arts - specifically Baritsu. He would become formidable in combat, proving more than enough for the trained local authorities. He would eventually give up his life of crime, aspiring to do something greater - and moved on the Signal Academy.

Xanthus’ time at Beacon was nothing out of the ordinary. He kept his grades at passing levels, instead focusing on the creation of his weapon - Babylon the Great. He was criticized for his choice of weapon, many pointing out the difficulty in using rifle-scythe weapons. Despite this, Xanthus pressed on, becoming highly skilled with the weapon. As a result of his prowess, his grades slowly began to peak until he was offered tuition at Beacon Academy. To the naive Xanthus, this event appeared as a dream come true, but his mind changed soon after his first year.

At Beacon, Xanthus was met with the anti-Faunus ideology he had never seen before. He had been relatively sheltered from such interaction, and the result was a total lockdown of his emotions. He became cold, selfless, a loner. He did his best to alienate himself from his team, isolating himself to more in-depth studies of self. Xanthus meditated often, in the dark with silence, perfecting a technique known as the Mind Palace. It was all he needed to excel, and he did so. With this, Xanthus rose the ranks of his class, eventually feeling Beacon was holding him back. Before the end of his second year, Xanthus dropped out of Beacon.

A dark period of his life followed, returning to his life of petty crime. It was at the age of 19 he was noticed by the White Fang, who took him into their ranks. Xanthus performed well, armed with Babylon the Great, he rose the ranks of White Fang and earned the trust of many of the organizations higher ups - notably the Fang’s then-leader Rasa. Xanthus’ deductive abilities were a valuable asset to the White Fang, and he knew it, using it to his advantage as he progressed in his criminal career. It seemed Xanthus had found his place, his niche, so to speak. Things were going well and continued to do so, and Xanthus’ notoriety grew. Favoring unarmed sparring, with Rasa’s blessing Xanthus opened a small fight club-like sub organization within White Fang, bringing in more money for the organization through lost (and won, through rigging) bets.

Eventually, Xanthus rallied support and took over the White Fang, killing Rasa in the process. What followed was abuse of his family name and disregard for the Fang’s true goal. He became greedy, malicious if he hadn’t truly been so by then. Many died under his orders, some of which included his own men. His demise came at the hands of Coquel Nattier and a handful of those opposing his abuse of the organization. A massive coup occurred at Capellam Estate, Xanthus’ home. After an intense and bloody battle, Nattier cut the boss down and usurped control of the White Fang. Whether they are doomed to follow in his footsteps remains to be seen.

Xanthus is not publicly confirmed dead, and as such his image is used in the White Fang’s plot by way of Euryale’s Semblance.


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