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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

What will happen this year?

feb 16 we are excited to announce the unveiling of the new skin, CASPIAN! :D
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 Sovereign, Neith, Rogue Huntress
Neith Sovereign
 Posted: Jul 8 2016, 05:58 PM
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Neith 'Osiris' Sovereign
full name

June 8th
When gazing into the golden eyes of the mysterious woman one may find familiarity in those sun kissed eyes. Radiating heat and warmth that can either be relaxing one moment or scorching the next, Neith possesses the wrath of the sun within her soul. Feeding from its heavenly rays, her semblance is born from her inability to wield a weapon. True to her origins, Neith is gifted with the ability to absorb energies and store them within herself. Capable of manipulating this energy within her own body and discharging it with brutal precision. The most iconic use of this is her ability to absorb the aura of other living brings, rather they are aware of its existence or not. Upon making skin to skin contact with another, and taking grasp victims will quickly feel their strength dwindle as she absorbs their life source and feeds it to her own. The speed of which this takes place is rather slow at first, but the longer she holds on, the faster the energy depletes. After each second the absorption becomes faster and faster, like a car that only gains speed over several moments of flooring the gas. Victims will, at first only feel as if they are out of breath...followed by near crippling pain and the weakness of their limbs. If Neith were to absorb all of a victims aura, then they would nearly faint. And after the Aura is feed upon the next would be their life force. Potentially allowing her to kill someone with extended contact over several minutes.

The more aura she stores within herself, it builds on top of her own. And when channeling it she can only do so to her physical being, allowing herself to move faster or strike harder. This, combined with her already vastly impressive strength makes her a challenging foe. Capable of moving faster than the human eye can track or striking hard enough to obliterate structures, the rate at which she can control her aura is impressive. Capable of channeling her aura to her fist and discharging it upon impact with a target, causing severe damage in just a single strike.

This abilities downfall however is the fact she does not use a weapon, and thus must rely on close quarters combat to be effective. Enemies who keep their distance will find themselves safe from Neiths wrath, and similarly. She needs skin contact to absorb aura. Simple touches here and there wont do, she needs to grab on and hold on for extended periods of time. Normally several dozen seconds before it really starts to take speed. Those covered head to toe in armor or even cloth will also be spared from her grasp. Enemies like Ruby, Coco, or Winter will find themselves having an advantage over Neith simply because they wear so much clothing. Only leaving the face or hands exposed. Not to mention Winter & Ruby could simply outpace Neith with their glyphs or super speed.

Another weakness may perhaps be what Semblances another has to use against her. For example, Yang is capable of absorbing massive amounts of kinetic impact and then discharging it ten fold. Similar to Neith...however, if Neith were to use the Aura she absorbed before hand to strike yang then all the power she would have collected would be used against her. Virtually, the only way to beat yang is to absorb her Aura completely which would require extended physical contact which is not always easy. Also, this semblance is not able to work against androids and machines non sentient beings do not have aura to offer. She can also absorb the energy of Dust and manipulating it within herself. Example would be an ice crystal, if she were to absorb it she would be able to strike someone with her fist and freeze certain parts of the body (Similar to Neon Katt and Yang). With electrical dust she would be able to discharge electrical blast from her finger tips or simply grab hold of hostiles and electrocute them. In the end, her body is her weapon and she uses it to max effectiveness. However, it ALWAYS requires close-medium range, so those who stay out of her reach and attack from a distance will be able to beat her.

Falcon Claw & Rope. Wrapped around the forearm of Neith are ivory colored bandages which cover her entire arm all the way up to the shoulders. Within her sleeves lies a hidden blade that acts more like a grappling hook similar to Blakes weapon. She can shoot out of arm at blinding speeds and blasting the blade out as quickly as a bullet. This blade is shaped almost like a claw and can latch onto things with an unbreakable grip unless Neith allows it to do so. She uses this for fast traversal, getting to high places or dragging opponents closer to her as well as utilizing it in her hand to hand combat with extreme proficiency, being able to trip up her opponents and catch them off-guard with it and even using it while she's simultaneously avoiding her opponent's attacks, jumping and flipping over the thread before launching it towards them to catch them when they least expect it. This is also similar to Emeralds weapon and how she used the chains on her weapon to pull Coco into the forest. However, these are not used as weapons as much as they are used to simply get around. As mentioned above, her body is her primary weapon.

BONUS: She carries dust crystals in their purest form within leather casings along the back of her waist. She utilizes this as something of a trump card so she may absorb their energies and utilize them in combat for surprising combos no one would really expect.


From the view of a stranger or perhaps someone who is not familiar with the further reaches of the land Neith appears to be rather exotic given her appearance and choice of style. With caramel skin and bright golden eyes that seem to flare vibrantly whenever a powerful emotion seeps from her cool exterior. Her skin is smooth and soft, radiating a strange aura of beauty and intimidation all at once. Her hairstyle being rather simple, long ebony strangs falling along her shoulders as golden rings hold her bangs off to the side. Neiths body structure is...rather muscular for a woman within her family. Possessing toned layers of muscle along her biceps, legs and even her mid section. All while still possessing the voluptuous curves that she rather enjoys flaunting about. Ice thick thighs and a mature set of hips often draw the eyes of many potential suitors from both gender rolls. She possesses an intricate set of tattoos along her left arm and a simple yet iconic design under her right eye, colored in blank ink. Her more animal-like features are rather noticeable as well. Where her human ears would be there are long, Jackal ears that twitch and swivel like radar dishes. She commonly keeps her ears hidden behind her thick ebony hair. While she does not constantly hide her Faunus features, she sometimes keeps them out of sight just for the sake of convenience.

Neiths style of clothing often varies depending on the situation and circumstances. While in her comfort zone and out of combat, she normally wears a unique outfit that was crafted by hand herself. Sporting a carbon colored sleeveless leather jacket that is cut off around the end of the rib cage. Having a warm collection of fur along the collar. Underneath the jacket she wears a black colored long sleeve undershirt that hugs her curves rather nicely. She also wears a couple of steel shoulder pads that provide minor protection to her shoulders and biceps. Around her waist is a grey utility belt which is where she keeps her blade and other gadgets. Around the back of her utility belt is a violet colored cloth that hangs along her backside. Leg-wear consist of tight leather and a pair of heeled boots.

Neiths 'Combat' attire is drastically different from her casual however. Consisting mostly of an armorweave fabric and armor plating along her family chest and back.

Oh tortured soul, a heart once pure of gold ; Sorrow and grief have tarnished a once pure hope with the intoxicating bite of poisoned hate. Lethargic, the enigmatic presence bleeds through, corrupting, tearing asunder the perfected veil of purity and allowing the frigid ice to seep within stalwart grace. It claws, digs to fester and bury deep under the skin, glissading skeletal fingers through malign carcass to permeate and destroy the innocence lost in cruel rapture. Though chilling upon first approach, malignant and vexing in a glance, there is still an unwavering kindness about her soul. Though she may try to be harsh, to be a thorough monstrosity for the simple sake of survival, she is unable, incapable within her programming to destroy so freely, to speak so harshly to those who she seeks to protect even in her self imposed exile.

The fearful souls...those with no weapons to wield and , she would so willingly become a martyr for, a sacrificial lamb to be lead to slaughter to save but a single face, a solitary name and save from the hardships in which she herself once faced. Loss was something that never truly heals, an instigating pain that is never satiated by the passing ripples of time as so many assure. Comforting lies are not sweetly fallen from her cherub lips, only bitter truths of the melodious affliction that slowly eats away at the spirit and weakens the body, the mind into numb paralysis. It was like a neuron-toxic, a deadly bite administered to her heaving breast from the moment she lay eyes upon the fresh corpses who still wreaked of singed hair and flesh. Slowly, surely, she shuts down, the dim flicker within her gaze dulling, dying with each passing day. A raging fire nothing more but smoldering embers.

No confidence, no self-preservation lingers within her, though her masquerade hides well what lay 'neath the surface where she furiously struggled to simply stay afloat. Sleep eludes her, staying just a single step, tauntingly out of her desperate grasp some nights. It leaves her thoughts raw, each one like raking nails over open flesh to claw at the nerves hidden just out of sight. Her mind is cruel, a sick repetition of the traumatic night playing without mercy in each dream she dares to seek. No longer does she yearn for the escape of reality, no longer does she wish to open her eyes to a new day, another wretched moment within this existence. A once pure and holy thing was stripped bare, ravaged ruthlessly by those that would see them all dead; her hope. The loyal optimism had been torn from her youthful frame, a far more devastating occurrence than that which marred her flesh. Her body had mended, healed and all that remained upon it was the thin, ropy scar. Childish wonder and bemusement, however, had been slain in cold blood, a murder most foul.

Her training, her teachings to lead had robbed her of her child-hood, leaving no time for other lessons to be learned within life, and while she portrays a serious demeanor to those whom require it without thought, it does without saying that others may see a different front. An act, a facade of happiness is always erect, sorrows, vexations hidden masterfully behind the porcelain of her mask as she interacts with the very few souls who may have the fortune or misfortune or coming into contact with the girl. She is no stranger to the children, to the women as she helps in every sense possible from numerous chores to simply playing and occupying those of younger nature. Her time in exile wandering the wild untamed lands feared by the four kingdoms has taught her well...survival of the fittest and she was most certainly fit. For her light shined brighter than that of the sun. Sharp, instinctive intelligence and muscle reflexes keep the woman in her peak. Those years within those mighty halls of a shining beacon taught her well...well enough to survive in the darkness itself as little more than a lingering light.

Act I The Arrival I was born, a fleeting glimpse of happiness, and of untold, bitter sorry left unquenchable to my father's pure and noble heart. My mother perished beneath the stars that night, a beautiful nova in her own right, I am always told. She was a virtuous maiden, a heavy heart and mind resting upon her judged both a gift and a curse, a flaw and perfection in the same breath. Our father raised us, small children, remaining connection with the woman he had loved so endearingly, so tenderly that she was unsure of how such a thing was possible. Despite my birthing, I was raised a normal child, running, racing the wind and challenging the wildlands and caves within the bosom of the earth. I remember my home...glorious and standing tall with pillars. Blithe, untarnished faerie tale met an abrupt, horrifying ending. The smoggy trails of acrid smoke stroked the skies, the scent of burning, of death crept within my nostrils, burning my lungs until I spat it out in fervid acrimony and disgruntled dismissal. I was trained, a warrior within my own right, but lacking the heart - the will - to carry out the lingering blow of demise to any who befell my blade. In memoirs past, perhaps it truly was my doing, my wretched fault for having such an affliction as conscious. Mayhaps my mercy to another had forsaken my family to the ruination we now face. Our elders they stole from us, the women they reaped from us, and the children they buried within the hovel, shadows of their deepest nightmares. Their piercing screams rend me from the insides out, twisting gluttonous innards into a squirming mess of putrid snakes that claw their ways out with malignant torment as our homes were raided...creatures of darkness swirling all around as the grimm swarmed like reapers of the night.

In the blink of an eye, the flutter of sultry lashes, we are a dying family... There is no returning to the blissful peace we had known. War. War was upon us.

Act II: The Slaughter The trees are alight, and my people are dying. All around me, I hear them, screams, malignant remnants of past occurrences that refuse to leave my mind unhindered. The memories burn, and yet I cannot stop them from running my mind in unstoppable trek over and over again. I can still almost taste the smoke of the fires, I can feel the heat, the warmth of my blood as it drips across my camel skin. My back burns, but my whimpers, my cries of pain, have long since been silenced by the numbing slash of realization, of anguished knowing. Without even the slightest of news, the sorrowed looks of those who came to retrieve me spelled to my already grieving heart all that I need know. 'How- how many? How many are gone?' My voice caught within my throat, trapped bird wings helplessly beating against the cage of my ribs to escape past my lips in fluttering, fluctuating volume. They look between them again, only silence is my answer. Though hope one being arose from the ashes and took me within her arms. Swiftly carrying me away and tearing through the land...running so fast. Away from the nightmare that surly followed. I felt weak...tired...and simply surrendered myself to sleep as i was carried away.

What did i have now? I was alone. And they would never come back to me.

And as time passed and we neared savior who had protected me rested me atop a tree as i slept. Barely conscious to even notice, my rescuer continued to run elsewhere...the beast of darkness close on her tail as they swept past me as if i never existed.

And as my golden eyes opened to witness the moon diving into the horizon i remembered it all...I was alone...a remnant of a clan of nomads who had wandered for so long...generations of families swept away in a single night of bloodshed and turmoil. And as i lingered in the soul crushing darkness...i saw a light. A beacon...i light.

Act III: The Academies My life changed...drastically from what i had known. Adopted into a culture i knew nothing about...baring witness to technology that inspired and confused me. And yet...despite these things i felt...cold. Memories of my clan did nothing but haunt me day and night and robbed me of sleep for so long...i wanted vengeance...i wanted to obliterate them...every single one of them. Creatures of the dark...would feel my wrath!

The wrath of a child...a little girl who lived in an orphanage. Hand me downs decorated my fragile body and the paste-like slop of the food is what sustained me. And yet as i sat there looking through the window she saw Beacon...the light which had guided me to this city. I heard the stories...i heard the legends. And since that day only one thing remained on my mind.

I would protect those...who cannot protect themselves. I could be their light...and i would never let them suffer the same fate as i. I was exposed to the racial slurs and discrimination that came with being what i was but it did not stop me...i did not waver. I would suffer more if it meant achieving my amount of humiliation and social unbalance would stop me now.

And so i studied...i researched...and most of all i trained. Silent in my struggle and unseen in my pain i educated orphan girl from 'The Wild' pushing herself above and beyond. And through sheer determination i became stronger...i became powerful. Yet in my new found power i remained humble...for i was little more than a orphan...and yet, despite this. Someone saw something in older woman who taught at my ray of light...Beacon. She saw something in me, and she called me special...she provided me with the funds and the means to become a guardian. She recommend me to the school of Signal...and like that i was in. Just through public display of my abilities and my diligence she noticed me. A countless trips to the library and my ability to absorb books several times my size in a matter of hours...days. My time at the park pushing myself to my limit. Yes...i suppose she did think i was special. After all...a little girl teaching herself how to read was no simple feat. And so i went to Signal...and at first i was...baffled by how it worked. Students crafted weapons of brilliant design, and we as students were surrounded with paperwork and academics...but probably what threw me off the most was their method on training us in combat. Controlled simulations, basic confrontation with other students...'sparring'. These were things i could not understand...for i witnessed the horrors my professor lectured about. I saw what grimm could do...i saw their savagery. And yet here i was...looking at these creatures in cages...let loose to fight students one at a time as a 'display of skill'. It made me...sick. Witnessing such childish nonsense. But maybe i just missed the point...either way, i did what needed to be done. Despite the harassment, teasing and humiliation i sustained i remained diligent...masking my anger, my hurt...the emotions roiling within me as if i were a can of soda being shaken each day. My schoolwork was completed with flying colors and in no time i found myself invited to the school of Beacon by my admirer at the age of sixteen.

My first year at Beacon was...hard. I did not fit in, i had no real friends. My awkwardness made it difficult for me to become 'liked' by others. And yet despite that i remained aware...i could read these students by simply observing. And so i remained at a distance, quiet and reserved as i watched others who looked at if they were loving life. I could pick apart the outcast with home issues...the hurt ones with past best left buried...the optimistic ones who never had to work hard in their lives. The thieves, the bullies with daddy issues...through my golden gaze i saw the truth. Maybe it was my ability to read body language...perhaps it was my understanding of the human brain from all those books i devoured as a lass...but either way, little escaped my eyes.

I was assigned a team...a team that seemed to be the very opposite of me. They all came from wealthy families...wore name brand cloths. They were popular...liked by everyone despite being Faunus like me...and yet what was i but the freak from The Wild? I must diligence resolve grew weaker with each passing day. I succumbed so social isolation and it effected my mentality faltering and breaking like glass. I found myself asking 'why was i here'...'i don't belong'. And in these negative thoughts i incomplete test...i became docile during sparring. Each time i was asked to come and fight another student to demonstrate my ability i forfeited as quickly as the match started...i lost all motivation and determination to carry on.

My teachers noticed...i was often scolded. Told how i was wasting all my talent and my gifts by wallowing. These scoldings only hurt me more...forcing me into a ball and making me question my very existence as depression settled within my heart and nested within my soul. My grades dropped...i became a falter and my lack of motivation in battle hindered my team. I became dead weight. Not all of us could be prodigies...skilled warriors who were perfect in everything they did...i was not fact i have no opinion on feelings of self worth. I considered myself a waste of space.

But...something was still inside me. A fire...small like a pilot light. And over time my grades got me in a mess and the woman who entrusted her faith in me and believed in me called upon me. And upon seeing me she ragged cloths, sloppy hair...bags under my eyes from the countless nights i spilled tears rather than sleep. She the end she knew me better than i knew myself. The Professor took me within her arms and embraced me...she comforted the damaged soul before her and in time...she inspired me. Inspired me to take a stand and do take nothing and turn it into something.

The pilot light had ignited into a glorious flame worthy of the sun! I learned to smile...i learned to laugh. I learned to put on a number of mask so i could fit in among others...because i found no worth in being myself, who was to say i could not become someone else?

This worked for a time. My team slowly began to like me more...students in Beacon actually talked to me. I felt...accepted. And soon after that i felt loved. A partner on my team...a young woman named Ember...we grew close...intimate. And for the first time in my life i felt as if i could 'feel' something again. It seemed things were starting to look up.

Act IV: The Betrayal Or so i thought. It seems my life is cursed with constant bloodshed and agony. Ember and i were...spending time together. Our love had blossomed into something beautiful and i felt as if my life was finally meaning other teammates however had gone out, never specifying where. Not that it mattered...i was satisfied with Ember in our dorm. Yet, it seemed Ember wanted to go out to eat...and of course i was dragged along for the ride.

We ventured out to a distant district of sprawling with White Fang activity over the past few weeks. Yet since Ember and i were of the same race we felt threatened and more welcomed than if we went to a more wealthier district who felt prejudice against us. And so we had our meals...or she did. I mostly just watched. And somehow the topic of what their missing teammates were doing at the moment...i cared little for the question. Yet she thought it would be fun to see what they were up to just for fun...using her Semblance which allowed her to tap into the minds of others so see what they saw and feel what they felt, she managed to discover that their teammates were all in some kind of abandoned warehouse with other students from Beacon...all Faunus...only four others however. Her team and another.

Embers interest was peaked i imagine...for her next logical step was to go 'spy' on the students and see what was up. And as they reached the warehouse and Ember climbed up to the roof, i followed closely behind as we concealed ourselves well...peering inside and listening intently to what was being discussed below.

Although...what we discovered was far more serious than they had anticipated. Every student within the warehouse was a member of The White Fang...and they were planning to launch an assault on the school during the night of the dance a few days ahead when everyone was unarmed and unsuspecting...discussing how they had 'plans' for how to 'distract' the teachers while they triggered a brutal attack on the students of Beacon. Ember and i were shocked to discover this...and as the other students concluded the meeting and all began to clear out to enjoy the rest of their nights. And when they all left and Vaas was left to clean up, Ember and i were quickly found by Lars, the second member of their team who they thought left.

He did not seem happy to see us...and we were brought down to face Vaas who only seemed amused by our arrival...and it seemed he knew we were there the entire time and simply let us in on the secret. He began to explain himself on his own accord. And after gloating about how perfect his plan was he simply asked me...asked 'join' his cause. Apparently their trust in me was great...but highly mistaken. They must of been reliant on my hatred for everyone around me because of the ridicule i faced in Beacon...but i was no coward. And so, thinking. Silent i remained...analyzing...deciding my next course of action. Yet Ember, who held steady onto her morals and values denied this request outright. Her drive for justice and peace leading her to take...forceful action. An action that resulted in in my mental destruction as Vaas swiftly silenced Ember in one swing of his blade...Someone they had known for years acting so mercilessly...without hesitation. It caught me off guard. And as i watched my love die before my very eyes i...i stared. Speechless...frozen like a deer in headlights.

Something changed inside me that day...something snapped. And as i stared at the only woman i may of ever loved bleed out and gasp for air as i was held at gunpoint for my reply i simply remained silent...watching the life flow from her eyes just as i watched them flow from the bodies of my clan that fateful night. History was repeating itself. But this time by a different form of she never considered to be worth her attention.

Fury built inside me...the nature of the beast clawed its way up the fleshy pathway of my throat as the inner monster within my heart threatened to rip through my very chest. I reacted if i were the savage everyone made me out to be. Vaas...nor Lars were prepared for what happened next...such explosive violence erupted in a way that not even they could truly react quick enough. And with her Semblance, her trump card. She managed to cut a long battle short by several minutes. Silencing Lars first before putting Vaas himself down.

My eyes fell upon Ember as she faded away into blackness...i leaned into her...holding her hand as i pressed my head into hers...gazing into her orange eyes as the brightness of her pupils flickered...and died.

She was gone...young love murdered in a way so cruel. But alas i was not done No i was far from done...The White Fang threatened that which i held dear...i could of called law enforcement...warned them of the attack. I could of told the teachers, the ones who possessed power beyond that of the students who were planning the assault. But fury boiled in my veins..vengeance on my mind as i closed the eyes of the one once closest to me. Why tell anyone? Why tell the teachers and warn them...which would only result in those students being arrested...causing an uproar in their faction which would only make matters worse...for Humans and Faunus alike. Only further dividing them through distrust and foolish assumptions.

I once told myself i would allow myself to be delivered to the slaughter if it meant protecting those around me...and here was my chance. So let them twist my actions! Let them all scorn me! It matters little if anyone would ever mourn me. Let the bury the side of the story the'll never know.

And so the hunt began. Embracing my predatory nature i followed the scents of those students who had previously left the warehouse...and like a bloodhound with my nose to the ground i prowled the night...The Huntress steady at work. The cunning gaze of the beast homing in on each team...and like a true hunter striking when the time was right. Those moments of isolation...when a single fawn cut off from the herd...perhaps to take a private simply empty their bladders...or maybe just because they desired so. I was there...watching...and each moment that presented itself was taken. Like a shadow in the night i swiftly reaped my prey, each attack unforeseen...undetected...unheard and unnoticed. And despite my combat ability each fight was a hard fought one. No simple kills were permitted when semblance and aura were involved. But i managed to get it done either way. Splitting up the single team was not very hard since they seemed to do it on their own...and luring them to secluded areas was even simpler. A young huntsman thirst for the thrill and curiosity of the unknown were easy to manipulate. A single scream of an innocent wounded woman...coming from the shadows of the unknown. Or perhaps a curious trail leading one off the path and into their dire fates.

The night was a long and violent one...a few of the hunted were not as easy as the others...two nearly escaped...called for help. Attempted salvation...but Neith managed to force them back into the darkness out of sight and out of mind. Surely witnesses heard their pleads for help...their begging for mercy. But those witnesses would not be able to stop normal citizen at least...And when the deed was done i was simply a phantom...there was undoubtedly footage of my actions. Evidence that would be used to convict me of cold blooded premeditated murder. But that footage would be scarce and unreliable at best...and a Faunus killing other Faunus? Oh headlines would be made.

From that moment i began to the sun began to take its place high in the skies and radiated warmth upon me i limbs heart only colder as i vanished...a ghost to the wind. Never to be seen again. The bodies of my teammates were found...and ultimately i was to blame. Other 'innocent' students slain in cold blood during the night all across Vale. My friends love...gone...I...was gone.

Act VI: The Rogue Huntress I now wander...walking on the path of loneliness and isolation...the path of my clan, absent from civilization for so long but a foe to be reckoned with in my own right. No longer am I the naive child whom believed in the cherished stories of faerie tales woven and spun by my father to keep the wool placed fresh and tender over my innocent eyes. No. I am very well aware of the vicious world that lay before me, under me with merciless, gnashing maw, oh so eager to have me torn and strewn in bloody ruin upon the lands. A once soft femme had been warped, portrayed by the huntress moon as little more than nameless Artemis wrapped in the mirth of phantom shadows. A nameless, faceless fiend who prays upon those solitaire watch. No one stays safe from the blade of rapture and vengeance, a cruel fate that I have been condemned to. Within the shadows my Blades of Mercy sing, a hymn of purest redemption, a sinister aria of tasted sanguine wine followed by the peaceful strum of delicate vocal chords. I seek the truth...i seek justice by my own hand. Nothing will stop me from gaining what i desire. Wanted by law enforcement to answer to my crimes i answer to no one. I find a home in the isolation and danger of no mans land... A dog I may be, but a slave fragile society? A prisoner to a false system? Death will kiss my lips before-hand.

You either die a hero...or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.



Pharah - Overwatch

Neith is inspired by Egyptian culture as well as the legends of greek mythos. She is a jackal faunus, inspired from Anubis and...a few other things lol.

Hai, i'm new. LOL

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