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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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 David Whitechapel, The Inventor
 Posted: Jun 8 2016, 03:13 PM
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David Whitechapel
full name

First-year Beacon Student
He can manipulate gravity, usually up and down, but also horizontally. The strain on his aura depends on the weight of the object and the direction he influences it, It takes more energy to move something horizontally than it does to do so vertically, or to hold it in place. He could hold a small object in place for hours with little to no strain on himself. But, without the help of his amplifiers he can only influence larger objects for a few minutes, to a few second, depending on the size and weight.
His main weapon is a large purple great sword, he crafted it himself, a few years ago, and has used it since. The sword, which he named "Drackenahn" , Has thrusters built into it, four near the hand guard, and four toward the tip. When enabled, these thrusters make it easier to swing, and add to it's already impressive damage. The front four thrusters can also rotated forward, and be switched into a close-range flamethrower. It runs off of Red dust, which can be re-fueled by replacing the canister hidden under the pummel. When fighting faster opponents, David uses the blade's fire to stop opponents from getting to him, spreading a cloud of fire in front of him, when someone gets close. If something gets close that is to fast for him to keep up with, he usually tries to attack it just as it gets within his range, and try to space so he can take advantage of his blade's range As with most weapons in this universe, it has a more compact storage mode. When activated, the top half of the blade pushes outwards, and breaks into two pieces, which slides down around the bottom half, the hand guard rotates 90 degrees and folds forward, and fits between the pieces of the top of the blade. David has a scabbard that covers half of the blade, but holds the other half in with straps, which can be undone

BONUS: This is a misc section for any equipment your character may have that is not really a weapon. These are like, steel tipped boots, a bullet proof cloak, etc. He has four projectors that when activated, enhance his semblance by allowing him to change the gravity within their area. To use them properly, they must be placed(or thrown) on the ground, and activated. He usually uses three, for more hasty setups and four if he has time to prepare. He mainly only uses one or two when he is setting a trap. He wears a purple and white armor plates over his shirt, they cover his upper chest and go over and under his shoulders, and cover his back. They host many useful gadgets, namely thrusters for anti gravity fighting. His heavily modified scroll is attached to a armor plate, on his right arm, as he is left handed, he has another armor piece attacked to his left arm in the same place, it contains backup dust, with a injector. Should any of his equipment run out at a crucial moment, he should, theoretically be able to refuel it. He usually also carries several of his devices with him.


He has brown hair, deep purple eyes, with a little over average height. He has two long scars that run parallel along the outside of his right arm. He wears a grey t-shirt, with the logo of some video game company on it, with loose jeans. He wears a purple and white armor plates over his shirt, they cover his upper chest and go over and under his shoulders, and cover his back. They host many useful gadgets, namely thrusters for anti gravity fighting. His heavily modified scroll is attached to a armor plate, on his right arm, as he is left handed, he has another armor piece attacked to his left arm in the same place.

David Whitechapel recently became a student at Beacon Academy. In school picked up much knowledge on various sciences, dust applications and the art of fighting. He enjoys building contraptions, many of which he uses on the field of battle. You can often find him at his desk, building his next contraption. He sometimes neglects his training, especially when he is on the brink of finishing a large project. This means that his fighting skill is bellow average, but he often makes up for it with his equipment. He often fights too defensively especially when fighting a fast opponent, mainly due to the size of his weapon. He has a sense of humor, and cracks jokes often. He can sometimes come off as a bit harsh, especially when he's irritated. He's extremely defensive of those close to him. If one person on his team has to die, he would want it to be him. He has a tendency to question authorities above him. Because of this, he can be difficult if he believes you are not up to standards.

David had always dreamed of being a hunter, but when he discovered his talent for building machines he was disappointed, as he thought that meant he couldn't ever be a one. However, one day, when his family was on vacation, his sister had disappeared, she always did tendency to get distracted. David, who was twelve at the time, finally found his ten-year old sister. When he turned to return to his family he spotted a black figure. A beowolf. The creature charged him, with his sister screaming behind him, he realized what he had to do. He pulled his sword which he trained at his fight school from it's scabbard, and he attached a white device to the base of the blade. The beast swung its massive claw at him, however, the attack was slow and clumsy. David, novice though he was, saw it coming from a mile away, and ducked out of the way. However, he wasn't quit fast enough, and it left a two nasty cuts on the outside of his right arm. It was then that he saw an opening, The creature belly was exposed! With a quick motion, he stabbed it right in the chest. Unfortunately, it wasn't dead, David's sword simply was not enough! But then, he remembered the device he placed on his weapon, he reached his right hand forward, which only increased the pain of his throbbing arm, and he pushed the button on the front of the device. Suddenly, the Beowolf, who was already stunned from his previous stab exploded in flames, and died. It was on that day, that David realized there was no reason why he couldn't be both a Hunter and an Inventor, as his life, and his sister's life had just been saved by both skills. David discovered his semblance when he was fourteen, working on a gravity manipulator. When it worked, and the pencil he placed over the device floated, he soon discovered that it was actually his semblance causing it to float, and that the gravity manipulator did not, in fact work. Once he had a firm grasp, and control over the ability, several months later, he did shows on the streets, making objects float and dance in the air, for extra money.



series name, face claim name as character name

David Stonecleaver was a character that I created while thinking about what the wandering travelers from shovel knight would be like if I had designed one of them.

His sister, Voilet is also training to be a hunter and will be attending Beacon in a few years If anybody wants to make her a character, feel free. His father was an inventor, and is the one who started him of in his career of making gadgets. His aunt and uncle are a duo of hunters, and where one of the inspirations for him to become one.

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