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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

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 von Eisenheim, Rochelle
 Posted: May 10 2016, 12:26 PM
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Rochelle's Aura was once very basic when compared to those who attend Beacon Academy, but has grown very strong during her time as a Huntress. A soft blue in color, her Aura gives off a feeling of a tender embrace and the smell of the ocean. It is reminiscent of her desire to feel loved and cared for, something she feels she is missing at home, while also reflecting her desire to get out and see the world. Rochelle is capable of utilizing basic Aura techniques thanks to extracurricular training.

The hereditary Semblance of Rochelle's family, Eisenheim Arsenal was originally manifested in the family's first patriarch, Orrick von Eisenheim. Over time, it has become much more refined, adding to the number of Aura-generated weapons the Semblance is capable of conjuring. eventually reaching its overall limit of twelve when passed down to Rochelle.

By using small amounts of Aura, the user of Eisenheim Arsenal is able to manifest a total of twelve weapons - swords and spears - serving particular purposes in the midst of combat. Some are designed for powerful slashes, while others are modeled after great swords meant to defend the user, being capable of delivering heavy blows. Even more are designed for impaling but is capable of being used to slash if needed. The most recent forms created in the Aresenal take the form of spears and halberds. Each weapon can be used to its fullest potential if the user is properly trained in its use.

A side effect of using Eisenheim Arsenal is a phenomenon referred to as the "Eisenheim Jump". At the cost of extra Aura, the user is able to phase out of their current location and appear in the position any of the weapons are sent to, allowing for a sort of teleportation (with a max range of 30 yards). This allows the user to implement an array of tactics in the heat of battle, ranging from quick and deadly combos to fleeing from a relentless foe.

When used too much in succession, Eisenheim Arsenal will cause the user to experience a short period (five seconds) of extreme fatigue, something that has come to be known as "Arsenal Stasis". This overuse will build up over time, extending the period of exhaustion by five seconds each time it occurs in the same combat scenario.

Rochelle’s weapon was stolen long ago, originally belonging to one of her father’s old teammates and the family’s closest friend. Given its potential for power and the original owner’s gifted abilities in Hunting, the sword was affectionately given the name “The Hound”. The sword is about forty-five inches in length, with the blade itself accounting for thirty-five inches of said length. Built into what was originally the guard of the sword is now a hinged firing mechanism which, when opened, reveals two chRochelles for Dust Rounds. These chRochelles can be filled with all manner of Dust types, allowing the user (in this case, Rochelle) to “inject” elemental abilities directly into the blade.

Different Dust types yield the following results:

Fire: Infuses the blade of the Hound with the element of Fire, allowing Rochelle to superheat the blade to cut through weaker metals and Grimm hides with ease. The most common used in the heat of combat.

Earth: When using Earth Dust, Rochelle is able to drive the sword into the ground and “fire” a small quake at the intended target. This wave is strongest within five feet and loses effect beyond seven feet.

Ice: These rounds can be used to give the Hound a momentary buff in sharpness.

Lightning: By using Lightning Rounds, the Hound can throw arcs of energy from its blade. A useful skill in close-to-mid range combat.

Wind: A personal favorite of Rochelle’s, use of Wind Dust bends air around the blade of the sword, removing the effects of drag on the weapon. Strikes with the sword become much more precise and even faster thanks to the reduced effects of air on the weapon.

Gravity: The newest addition to the Hound’s arsenal, Gravity Dust works in a similar way to Earth Dust. By driving the sword into the ground, a powerful blast of gravitational energy. This wave serves as a non-hostile way of incapacitating many opponents at once, and serves as Rochelle’s trump card in team combat environments.

In addition, the Hound is capable of shifting forms to become either a glaive or a large scythe. When in this form, the abilities imparted to the weapon using Dust cartridges are still usable.

BONUS: Rochelle also uses White Dust to create solid barriers and Light Dust to produce a flashbang effect.


Rochelle is a young woman, standing approximately five feet and two inches tall (5' 2"), weighing in at roughly one hundred-five (105) pounds. She has a slender figure and pale skin, a trait shared by most women in her family. Much like her mother, Rochelle's hair is violet in color, while her eyes are deep blue like her father. Her hair was originally very long, reaching almost to her feet before she but it to shoulder length (though she wears it up in a ponytail), and her bangs fall just level with her eyes. She wears several different outfits depending on the occasion, however, the most common is her Huntress attire.

Huntress Outfit: Rochelle’s Huntress uniform was custom made during her first few months of being trained and, since then, has become a staple of her appearance on almost every occasion. Her top is made of several parts, the first of which is a set of armor plates worn in a similar manner to that of an underbust corset. Over this she wears her jacket, which is blue with areas of yellow trim. The arms of the jacket can be opened by unpinning leather straps on the elbows, allowing for free movement of her arms. When doing so, Rochelle tends to keep the undone sleeve over her shoulder similar to a small cape. Over the jacket, Rochelle wears a piece of chest armor similar to the underbust plates, which is held in place by a series of leather straps. On her right shoulder are similar armor plates. Her hands are wrapped in leather straps in a gauntlet-like form, with two gold bangles being worn around her right wrist.

The belt Rochelle wears serves two functions - provide a slight degree of protection thanks to the leather armor it loops through and carry the sheath of her sword. This belt is worn over the lower section of her jacket, almost making it appear as a skirt. She wears brown low rise shorts, allowing her to move her legs more freely. Her left thigh is wrapped with a blue ribbon, the same material as the one keeping her hair up. On the opposite thigh, she wears a black, red, and green patterned bracelet made of various beads. Her boots are relatively simple in design, being plain black leather with darkened soles. The rest of her outfit consists of plain accessories, such as a leather band around her left bicep and a gold bangle around her right bicep.

  • Strong-willed
  • Compassionate
  • Honorable
  • Practical
  • Friendly
  • Strict
  • Sarcastic
  • Cunning
  • Fussy
  • Stubborn
(ey b0ss, why da list? cuz i don't want to restrict her to a few paragraphs.)

Rochelle Lee von Eisenheim was born in mid-May in the Kingdom of Vale. The daughter of Orrick von Eisenheim III and Mariamne Vane - two political activists within the Kingdom - she is the descendant two prominent Hunters from the Great War, one of which was the first to manifest the Semblance now known as the Eisenheim Arsenal. Born into a life of luxury and privilege, it is hard to argue that she has enjoyed the simpler things in life, free of the hardships and trials that many others are forced to face every day. However, to say her life has been worry free is anything but true.

Ever since she was a little girl, Rochelle wanted to do more with her life. Far too often she would see people of lower class treated poorly by her peers in the Kingdom’s upper echelon, and far too often she would find herself speaking up only to be scorned for it, and for a time she simply accepted that it was how things had to be. Over time, Rochelle began to study Remnant’s past, noticing many of the ill traits leading to the Great War showing among people in recent times.

As she grew older, she also grew wiser, and as a result, she desired more knowledge. Rochelle often toyed with Dust of various types, opening a world of all kinds of possibilities she never knew existed. Often times she would play tricks on Vale’s citizens, sometimes even her own parents. Other times, she would sneak out into the city in an effort to make friends. There were instances where she was reprimanded and returned home, but when she wasn’t, she enjoyed the world to its fullest.

It was during this brief time of rebellion that Rochelle met Coquel Natter, a Faunus girl, who over time grew to be the first friend Rochelle made on her own - outside of the upper-class district of the city. It was a friendship she frequently insisted would endure any trials that it faced and, for the most part, it seemed she was correct. As far as Rochelle was concerned, Coquel was her best friend, someone who enjoyed spending time and sharing experiences with her not because she had to, but because it was fun. However, as they grew older, Rochelle’s responsibilities at home grew, and things began to change.

Heartbroken to have lost her only real friend to the mundane responsibilities appointed to her, Rochelle’s behavior at home began to change. Her usual quiet and submissive demeanor had been replaced by one more outspoken and uncooperative. Her desire to escape - to get away from her family, to learn the ways of Aura and see the world - grew. Though she was almost immediately forbidden from studying Aura because she “would never be a fighter”, this didn’t sway Rochelle in the slightest, and instead she took to studying in private. It was during one of these studies that she discovered she had inherited the family Semblance, Eisenheim Arsenal.

Lacking the formal training that made most Huntsman and Huntresses of the world as skilled with Aura as they were, Rochelle’s skills in the use of Aura and her Semblance was sub-par at best. Still, she remained undeterred, and she continued to train herself in private. As the years passed, Rochelle became more adept in the use of her Aura than most civilians from the district, though her ability to harness her Semblance was incomparable, lacking in overall control and the combat training necessary to use the various weapons summoned. This drove her resolve even more, and with that, Rochelle grew determined to become a Huntress.

Rochelle eventually found her chance to run away from home, finding her way under the wing of a seasoned Hunter and his traveling companions. Under his wing, she learned to harness the potential inside her and unleash the full power of Eisenheim. It was tough training at first, taking a couple years for Rochelle to fully utilize her Semblance correctly. Still, she retained her conviction to become one of the greatest in the Kingdom - and if possible the world. By the time she reached the age most aspiring Hunters graduated at, Rochelle had learned to fight and use her Semblance with deadly efficiency.

As the years passed, Rochelle shifted her attention to Titan, where she took on many missions from the Academy itself. She made a name for herself in the Kingdom, and eventually inquired about the position of Combat Instructor that had been vacant for some time. Her first few applications at the Academy were rejected on the basis of her age, leading to Rochelle performing more and more tasks for the Academy in order to prove her ability. She even took to chaperoning missions to ensure students returned safely. This hard work eventually paid off, and Rochelle’s application to become Titan’s Combat Instructor was accepted.

To date, Rochelle has shown to take her position as Combat Instructor very seriously. To her, the lives of her class are more important than anything - and she will often go to great lengths to secure their safety should Grimm encounters find themselves out of hand. In addition, she takes great pride in the potential her students show, believing them all to be among the most promising next generation of Remnant’s Hunters.



OC!TWBTD, Rochelle Lee-Mariamne von Eisenheim as herself.

Too much to write. So just ask if you want to know! x3

I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane.

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 Posted: May 16 2016, 07:35 PM
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