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Legends. Stories, scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the many exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants - byproducts - of a forgotten past.

Join the ranks of Remnant’s prestigious Academies as you fight to protect the Four Kingdoms from the clutches of the evil Creatures of Grimm. Alternatively, you may work towards bringing the world to its knees by fighting against the last sparks of humanity. Red Like Roses is based on the hit web-series RWBY by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions.

What will happen this year?

feb 16 we are excited to announce the unveiling of the new skin, CASPIAN! :D
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 Ackermann, Ember Zaylee, Civilian, Vale
Ember Ackermann
 Posted: Mar 17 2016, 11:42 PM
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Civilian, Vale
Yet emptiness and longing.

The Aura that manifests itself in the soul of Ember is one reflecting her to the very core. Loving and kind, yet alone in the world, Ember is a young woman of a particular disposition - torn between a family that fights for what is right and what is wrong (at least in her eyes). Her Aura is accompanied by the sweet smell of strawberries mixed with cream, with the feeling it gives off being that of a gentle caress. At times, a gentle breeze will accompany the activation of her Aura, particularly when she activates her Semblance.

Untrained in its ways, Ember is only capable of utilizing the basic Aura ability of enhanced healing. She longs to join Beacon Academy at some point, or to be tutored by a Hunter. Unfortunately, her current situation makes finding the time to learn the ways of Aura nearly impossible.

Ember’s Semblance, upon being made manifest, is accompanied by a soft breeze. Her Aura begins to slightly pulsate, emitting a soft glow, and the general feeling and smell of her Aura begin to increase to the point of being carried off by the wind. This is Ember’s most well kept secret - Looking Glass: Semblance of Illusion. As the name implies, Looking Glass grants Ember the ability to create illusions, a power she utilizes each and every day.

With a diameter of one hundred yards, of which she is the center, Looking Glass will cause anyone within that range to see any form of illusion Ember can think of. Being that she never had combat training, she currently does not weaponize her Semblance against others and instead uses it as a means to help them, using it to brighten anyone’s day. Family members do believe, however, that Ember possesses a large amount of Aura, mostly due to her ability to retain a simple illusion (hiding her tail) for an entire day before feeling worn out.

All illusions, no matter how simple or complicated, can only be seen and interacted with within its area, after which they will simply fade off into nothing. An example of the simplest illusion is her act of hiding her Faunus tail, which will begin to fade away after she passes this same threshold. She has considered this limitation but accepts it because by the time one was fifty yards from her they would not notice or cared whether she had a tail or not. When broken, Looking Glass shatters, almost completely draining her Aura.

As noted previously, because Ember has no combat training, she has not been trained to create illusions for combat. Were she to try, they would shatter like glass almost instantaneously.

Ember does not carry a weapon, however, she is proficient in the use of Dust.


Appearances aren’t everything, especially not to Ember. That does not stop her from looking her best, however, as she is often regarded by her friends and family as a “striking beauty” and quick to catch anyone’s attention. Standing 5’2” tall and weighing in slightly below average for her height, Ember is a young woman of a light complexion with dark, contrasting hair that hangs over her face and flows down to the middle of her back. Her eyes also complement her light facial features, taking a dark violet hue. She has no scars, no deformities, and by all regards may be considered “flawless”, though she’d be quick to disagree. Being a girl of Faunus heritage, specifically the raccoon species, she has a tail (though she often keeps it hidden by use of her Semblance).

While she does alternate her attire on a day to day basis, Ember has special love for white dresses and wears them often as a result. Such dresses usually have thin shoulder straps, and trail down to just above her ankles. She’ll usually wear nice looking shoes, with our without a pronounced heel, when wearing such dresses. When not dressing in dresses, she’ll usually take to wearing shorts or sweatpants with various different shirts. Comfort is more important to her than looking presentable for everyone.

Occasionally, Ember will use her Semblance to alter her appearance to others. From taking the form of a child to appearing as an elderly person, even to taking the form of a man if needed, Ember has a disguise for almost any situation she may need one for.

Ember displays many strong facets to her personality, each one bringing both its own strengths and weaknesses to her character. Perhaps her most refined trait is her intelligence, a result of years of private tutoring and independent study. This has allowed her to build a strong combination of book and street smarts, offering her insight to many different situations. However, this has also proven detrimental to her, as her private lessons have left her somewhat ignorant to what’s really happening out in the world.

The ability to keep a good sense of humor was always something she felt important and does her very best to do so. Ember has a great love for performing arts, particularly comedy. Even among friends, Ember is known to enjoy all manners of jokes, be they innocent or otherwise. This trait of keeping her sense of humor finely tuned with the world around her makes it very easy for Ember to make friends, but it does have its downsides. At times, it’s hard for her to tell when something isn’t a joke, and as such she might respond incorrectly.

Though often taken for naivety, Ember is also very confident. She doesn’t allow the opinions of others to affect how she views herself or the world though she must admit, she holds the Faunus people very close to her heart because of their hardships. This sense of confidence makes it hard to play Ember’s emotions, as she just generally doesn’t care what others think. This, however, can be taken negatively - reflecting more of an ignorant light than a confident one. Ember is also severely self-conscious of her tail, which she keeps hidden from people in public by use of her Semblance or wearing long dresses.

A forgiving and patient young woman, Ember is well received for this aspect of her personality. She doesn’t feel the need to hold grudges, nor belittle people for their shortcomings. Everyone, no matter their place in life, has their ups and downs - even she is no different, and she will often admit to her mistakes. This can, at times, be used against her - with people manipulating her ease in forgiving them for whatever they’ve done. This also happens with her strong sense of patience, which produces its own pros and cons in day to day life.

To all her friends and family, being supportive is the part of Ember that stands out the most. Regardless of her own feelings on the matter, Ember almost always supports the aspirations of those close to her. She finds happiness, excitement, even sorrow, whenever those she holds dear feel them. In some sense, she’s empathetic, but it’s more that she enjoys seeing those she loves doing the thing they love. She shares in their joy and sadness, and has no intention of ever ceasing to do so.

Despite all these, Ember’s knack for honesty and her habit of keeping an open mind is easily her best qualities. Drawing from all the above, she isn’t afraid to tell it as it is, though she doesn’t take kindly to hurting the feelings of others. In that same vein, she isn’t opposed to anything she hasn’t tried, and in the case she dislikes something she tries, she doesn’t shoot it down. Everyone has their tastes, their preferences, and she is no different. With all the respect she has for herself and others, why would she suddenly stop there? To her, everyone - human or Faunus, each unique due to their personalities - are pieces of a grand puzzle.

Taking all of this into consideration, there is one aspect to herself that Ember enjoys more than most - her ability to remain completely spontaneous. In her opinion, life gets boring if people can guess your each and every move. Being up for anything and everything, at the drop of a dime, is the way to live. To become a creature of habit is something she detests, and will never do. This is conflicting in a sense, as she desires most to study at Beacon though she would hate to end up with a Huntress’ seemingly repetitive schedule. She isn’t a girly-girl by any means, and those with her when she suddenly shifts to do something “more fun” can often expect to get into a little trouble.

  • Soda
  • Nature
  • Drawing
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Criminals
  • Grimm
  • People that treat others poorly
  • Dogs (not Faunus)
  • Her family

Ember can never recall much of her childhood, why that is she’ll never really know. There were, however, hardships that came with being a Faunus child. Her father was a human, her mother was a Faunus - of the raccoon variety, in fact. Both parents did remarkably well raising Ember into the woman she would eventually become although she admits they did have their shortcomings. Fighting was constant between the couple, as well as the extended family, particularly whenever Faunus Rights came up.

She understood the importance of it, the Rights movement and all that. It was a matter that often times left her torn between her family. Who was right? The pacifist humans that didn’t want to fight? Or the Faunus and her people, who so desperately fought for their right to be treated like their fellow man? Given her habit of identifying most as a Faunus, Ember was often left feeling obligated to side with her mother. This caused some unneeded friction between the family, but never enough to tear them apart.

As she entered her early teens, Ember became more and more interested in becoming a Huntress. This was a decision that put her at odds with her entire family, all of them chastising her for wanting to “throw her life away” for a purpose they deemed vain. It was disheartening to hear them, the people she had grown so fond of, to shoot down her only dream. It was this time that the picture perfect family they displayed began to fall apart. Did she hate them? Absolutely not. In her heart, Ember knew they just wanted to protect her, but it still made her so...mad.

Instead of dwelling on opinions she could never change, Ember instead went on to study the nature of Dust and Aura on her own. It wasn’t Signal Academy by any means, but at least it would help her understand the basics of something so fundamental to their livelihood. It was just short of her fourteenth birthday that Ember discovered her Semblance - Looking Glass - while trying to hide from her family during a massive argument. It was strange, giving her the sensation that it was...calling to her. Over time, she grew rather adept in using Looking Glass, using it every day to hide her tail from the world.

As she matured, it became more and more present that the world was well on its way to becoming shrouded in darkness. Fighting was at an all time high - between man and the Grimm, man and the Fang - and there was no sign of it ever subsiding. She feared for her safety, so much so that she decided it was necessary to run away. She had to get away, she had to be safe. There was too much violence back at home, what with the Fang looming nearby and all. Taking as many of her belongings as she could, Ember sneaked out of the house one night, making a home for herself in an abandoned house in the Commercial District.

Home sweet home.

It was after this she made her first friends since leaving, orphans living at a nearby home. They were pleasant company, albeit far younger than she was. Ember would travel to the orphanage often, bringing treats and games for all the kids. At one point, she was offered a job but felt the need to decline. As far as she was concerned, it would not be a gesture of kindness if it were her job to do it. Instead, she would continue her regular visits, and bring a small light into the lives of the abandoned children.

It was what they deserved, after all.

Ember currently works within the city of Vale, taking part time positions at both Seven Shades of Dust and Midsummer Knight's Dream. She retains her desire to study at Beacon Academy and become a Huntress, a dream that she believes is never going to come to pass. For the future, Ember looks forward to a world where humans and Faunus can coexist in peace, free from the hate that currently plagues the Kingdoms. Someday, hopefully soon, all the fighting will stop. Someday, Remnant will come together.

That’s all she truly wants.



Hibike! Euphonium, Reina Kousaka as Ember Ackermann

She's based off a character I wrote for a mecha series I worked on during high school. Originally, her name was Miori Ebonheart. Well, now she's being RWBYfied and making her way to RLR~

  • The name "Ember" is an obvious reference to fire while her middle name of "Zaylee" is of Australian origin and means "flower". Her surname, Ackermann, is German in origin and dates back to farmers - particularly workers that plowed the fields.
  • Ember loves colors, her favorite of which is gold.
  • While currently in a small side role, Ember is intended to serve a very important role in my future plots. All of you connected to my characters, in some way, will be affected by her presence.

The gif that made me decide to use Reina as her FC just about killed me.

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Seems good to go kenjicles.

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